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Current date: Apr - June, 2046

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Eiríkur (Erik) Brynjar
Topic Started: Apr 8 2015, 07:45 PM (340 Views)
Erik Brynjar
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Age: 32

Origin: Iceland

Occupation: Cop

Psychological description:

Erik is level headed as they come, slow to anger and quick to calm. But even with a mild temperament, the man can hold a stubborn streak a mile wide. His profession is taken very seriously, perhaps overly so. A chronic workaholic, often does he loose himself within the dedication to any given task, relentless to see things through. Erik is a good person, not with out a heart or compassion when the need calls for it. But he has a strong sense of justice, to him, the boundary between good and bad often end up black and white instead of gray.

Physical description:

Average of build, standing 6'1” with broad shoulders and tone muscle, the build of an athlete. Icelandic heritage is accented with steel blue eyes, a mildly pale complexion and short cut-well kept blonde hair.


Erik came from an average family background, living with his father, mother and younger brother until he was old enough to start a life of his own. Heavy guidance from an early age helped influence those decisions however. Erik wanted, no...was EXPECTED to follow in his father's footsteps. To be a cop. Though it was a roll he easily fell in to. His younger years, he wanted to please his father and strove to meet expectations. So he never thought of doing anything else.

Not only did he meet expectations, but surpassed them. Completely dedicated to his work, and focused on nothing else. Long hours, and unwavering attitude got Eric far in his new carrier.

Then he met his wife. Love at first sight didn't exist, but it was damn near close enough. She was the only woman he ever dated, or cared so deeply for. They clicked, he adored her, was infatuated. She was sweet, kind, gentle, patient and funny. Erik became less of a workaholic with her around, because she held no expectations from him.

A few years after they were married, they had a child together and their little family was complete. A decent home in a nice neighborhood, proved a stable point for their daughter to grow up. Everything was perfect.

Then everything fell apart. His wife died suddenly. Erik was devastated, it was a heavy emotional blow, and he just wanted to just give up. But of course he couldn't, he had a child after all, responsibilities. So he kept on, and found some comfort in the distraction of work. Something to immerse himself in fully, becoming more so a workaholic once again to run away from his emotions. If he focused on something else he wouldn't be reminded of her.

The dedication to work did not go unnoticed, and eventually Erik was offered a better job opportunity that meant uprooting his broken family to another continent entirely. But Moscow would be a hard city to turn down, and it had promise of giving both himself and his daughter a far better life than Iceland could ever offer.

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