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Current date: Apr - June, 2046

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Katya Ivanovna Chadova; deceased
Topic Started: Sep 13 2013, 06:55 PM (431 Views)
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Age: 19 - deceased

Origin: Moscow

Occupation: Internet Security Consultant aka Hacker

Psychological description: Katya is a typical introvert. She prefers to hang in front of a computer doing what she does best. Katya has a good head about her, but is naive in most things. But where her common sense lacks, her computer knowledge thrives.

Physical description: Katya has straight mid-back length blond hair and a pale green almond shaped eyes. She is about 5'5"

Powers & supernatural powers: Channeler

Current strength level: 0

Potential strength level: 9

Channeler experience level: New

Are you a reborn god? No


Katya was born in Moscow her father was a welder and her mother a nurse at the local hospital. Both worked hard to give Katya what she needed to survive, which lead to them not being around much. Katya didn't thrive in school, she was always picked on. Early on Katya found comfort in front of her computer. She spent many hours poking through things, scouring the Internet for resources to teach her.

By the age of 10 Katya was writing computer programs that hacked into her parents works to increase their pay. It was merely a matter of finding the right back door and the right combination of key strokes to get past the security. Katya brute forced her way in then.

Her parents were both let go because they figured they had done it. Katya was sad, but there was little she could do about that. It's not like they even had the knowledge to do anything remotely like that.

At the age of 12 Katya was starting to push past more sophisticated encryption algorithms and learning her way through the encryption schemes of the basic wallet coding. It wasn't hard breaching wallets

At 14 Katya was caught trying to get into a banks firewall. It was then that Katya was taken in by an elite computer security consulting company and taught everything else she knows how to do now. Her job at the age of 19 is to attempt to hack into companies and alert them to their security holes. They call it a white hat hacker. But a hacker is a hacker.

But the job gave Katya the ability to continue her exploring of the computer world networks and learn more and hack more things than she would have otherwise been able to.

With the job Katya had she helped her parents survive now. It made her happy and Katya only want then to be happy.
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Katya finds herself and a mysterious man, Jensen, in the basement of their building during a blackout. All sorts of strange things happen from fireballs out of no where to strange shadows in the darkness. Thankfully no damage is done, and Katya returns to trying to hack the WHO's firewall.

(ooc: well crap! I'm not gonna redo it tho)
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Biography | First Age Fan-Fiction: Fighting Demons, The Elements

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Katya takes a job from Aria, a mysterious woman who gives her a pair of goggles and wants her to hack into them for her own purposes.

In the course of her new project she discovers a link to the Baccarrat Mansion and starts trying to figure out what is going on. While inside government databases trying to figure out what's at the Baccarrat she runs into another hacker, one with renown with both the hacker and theif worlds. They make a deal to see who is better.

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On a train Katya meets Thalia, a painter with whom she barely gets to know. A creepy fell watches them from afar on the train, but introduces himself. Katya got the feeling he didn't like her much.

The world changed the moment the train stopped and left them all stranded undergound. A monster was outside their windows and no power. Katya in a panic reaches for the one power with out her knowledge, the burst of enegry allowed her to make her wallet work, but at great cost - her life.
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