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Awesome BlazBlue CT Video; Characters duke it out like no tomorrow
Topic Started: Jan 22 2012, 07:57 PM (115 Views)
Please let me know if I mess it up
This is NOT made by me, but it's too awesome not to share, the animator deserves a prize:


There's other around that basically covers Ragna's true ending in CT (vs Jin, Hakumen and Nu)

The only thing that bothers me is that Jin is there to be everyone's sandbag. Well at least the end proves what I said in other topic: if he calms down and gets out of psycho mode he becomes a complete beast.
Instead of complaining about things you don't like why don't you just go to enjoy the things you do like?
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Blue Warlord

I've seen this. It's bloody awesome

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Was goddamn brilliant.
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ZB BoHeGeHa by OverTheBelow
based on the IPB skin by Tom B