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Revised Rules/general courtesy
Topic Started: Jun 11 2012, 12:52 AM (343 Views)
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Okay, a few things have happened, and so I'm revising the rules a bit.

1) All NSFW content goes in the NSFW subforum. If you want access to NSFW, please let me know.

2) Anything goes except for rape and guro. This includes any pairings you wish to do.

3) If a roleplay gives no indication of if it's open or not, please ask a participant before joining. If it says it's free, go ahead and jump in if you want.

4) You may use original characters in the Freelance sections. However, limit is still one for Sad Wings Of Destiny (whenever that kicks off again)

5) Finally, be civil. Flaming/trolling/harassing/etc will not be tolerated.
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Skype Rules
Pay attention, kids.

(1): If an admin or global mod asks you to stop something, you stop.

(2): Political and religious debate is a private matter. Don't bring it up. Sex is less touchy, but don't be obscene. Lurid descriptions of the body and the act itself are counted as such.

(3): If you post a link and it's NSFW, mark it as such or suffer.

(4): Be civil to other people - don't start arguments or fights.

(5): If you quit the main Skype, you get to wait at least 24 hours before someone can invite you back again. The penalties below do not apply to this rule.


First Offense: 24-hour break from Skype.

Second Offense: Three day ban.

Third Offense: Seven day ban.

Fourth Offense: Permanent Skype ban.

Offenses wear away one per month.
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