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Proof Chase Kloetzke Of KGRA Lied About Her MUFON Alien Contact Experience
Topic Started: May 12 2015, 08:36 AM (705 Views)
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Me and Chase Kloetzke use to be good friends but now apparently she's gone completely to the Boss Hogg side and talking smack. So here's one I've been holding unto for a while. Chase had an experience in a cornfield and said she saw an alien with witnesses in her MUFON youth. You can look it up. Well one of the people there with her who is no longer part of MUFON because they think all these UFO people are absolutely insane. Issued a statement and wishes to remain anonymous. But anyone who follows this case will know possibly who it was though you will not find that individual around much these days. But I can tell you said individual I know well and they would not lie. So here it is, "Regarding the investigation I did with Chase, we gave a presentation on it at the TN MUFON conference that year and even then I still told the truth -- I didn't actually see anything that night, I only heard the cracking sounds. I think it pissed Chase off that I didn't say I saw the "alien" too. But fuck, I have no reason to make shit up" - FORMER MUFON SOURCE Chase claimed she saw the alien and also heard she told someone else she didn't wanna be the only one in the field who never saw an alien. So folks be careful who your idols are. Chase is no smack talking me to. So people shouldn't throw stones at glass houses.

Another statement from the source regarding MUFON and that night at the cornfield, "I was there. I actually didn't see anything at all. I heard something, like something stepping on the young corn making it crack, but it was pitch black out there. For all I know it could have been a deer or a rabbit. Chase was always pretty convinced that it was an alien because we did see things in the sky that we couldn't identify, but I didn't see anything land, and I never really thought it was an alien. I *was* freaked out because I didn't know what it was and because Chase and the man we were with were also freaked out. Fuck MUFON, though. They aren't a bit more interested in true scientific research than a frog is interested in a wetsuit. They love to sensationalize the hell out of things and it pisses me off to no end. I can't tell you how many investigations I went on where what we saw were clearly planes and the people I was with acted as though they weren't able to identify them just because they didn't want to tell the person who reported it they were wrong. Ugh. - FORMER MUFON SOURCE

Don't you think if you are with someone standing right next to them you'd see the same exact thing they saw? Specially an alien supposedly stomping around and climbing in trees and shit. I think Chase made this up just for notoriety and attention. The same Chase that brought light to Robert Bigelow and MUFON corruption. The same Chase who now is back working for MUFON.
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