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Bigfoot Central Genowska Project = Psycho Pricks
Topic Started: Aug 3 2015, 03:27 AM (478 Views)
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Dear Bigfoot researchers who denounce the paranormal and call us kooks etc. etc. What I would give to have a video shot of you right after death when your soul energy body is thrust into these same quantum realms you are such a prick about. I'd make a whole channel on YouTube for those shots. I actually had people on in the David Icke group give me shit about some posts. People hanging out in a group about shapeshifting lizard people giving me shit. lol Bigfoot reseachers hunting a giant King Kong they can't find giving me shit about the paranormal. I was thrown out of Bigfoot Central Genowska Project for bringing up the paranormal by their anal retentive moderators. Anyone noting the irony here? Love, me.

PS. They also got unto Chip Plescher of Mind Cemetery for posting a gofundme page to help his aunt with Cancer in their group. What a bunch of selfish pricks.
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