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2016 sucks fuck the monkey!; So far this year sucks balls hows everyone elses year if it is a pain in the ass for you air your grievances with me!
Topic Started: Feb 17 2016, 04:23 PM (92 Views)
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I thought 2016 was gonna be the year I finally move out of my parents house have a fucking awesome year but that's not happening yet my girlfriends dad went into kidney failure now were dealing with that the only thing great about this year are the amazing movies and game so my financial life sucks I'm only really in it for the games this year since my life and money doesn't come so easy like it does everyone else do you feel like the gods are turning against you the coyote played one too many tricks in your life lay it on me man fuck the monkey!
Edited by Paragamer, Feb 17 2016, 04:24 PM.
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