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Susan; Susan the apartment ghost
Topic Started: Nov 4 2016, 06:57 PM (78 Views)
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So recently,actually the 2nd day after my power was cut off, me and my youngest son were in dire need of a good nights sleep,and a shower. So hesitantly, I asked my oldest son if we could go to his apartment for the night,surprisingly he agreed. So we get there just after 2 am.when he got off work and we settle in. Only after this we find out that apparently they have a "ghost" that occupies their domicile,and they call her Susan. Most recently susan was playing with my sons female roomate. One day while the roomate was in her room trying to sleep,with no one else home I might add, Susan starts rolling tic tacs under her door, they have hard wood floors,and apparently no one in the apartment has purchased tic tacs or had any in the bottom of their pockets at all either. Also recently the female roomate was telling us that she was home alone and was hearing foot steps in my sons room,and didnt think much of it until she realized that no one was actually home except her. There have been doors opened,and unlocked after being locked. So while I was waiting to go home the next day, my youngest son was in the bedroom right across from me in the living room area,he was playing a PS4 game,and it was just him in the bedroom, me on the couch, my oldest son and the roomate in the kitchen. As im sitting there I actually noticed the bedroom door slightly close. now when I say "slightly" im not talking as in so small you second guess if it was a trick of the eye, this was pretty significant movement,and it happened twice! Needless to say at this time I was ready to go home. I advised my sone to buy some sage and smudge his apartment. My work here is done.
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