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Survivng 2016; Who else is happy to still be here tbis far in 2016?
Topic Started: Nov 13 2016, 03:31 PM (91 Views)
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I don't know why the year of the monkey is this so damn evil, I never seen a year, effect so many people on a large scale! Alot of people including my brother, who is a monkey sign, which isn't his same element, so it effects him as well, he was in the hospital. My friends seem to be going through massive life experiences, my buddy morbus mabus, might be losing his girl after all these years! My biggest question is, what is it about this year, that's so fucking evil? Did the illumnati do something? Did cern bring hell on earth, via the hadron collider? Just when I think life is getting a little better,America shows its true colors, I must of been blind all this time, I thought I knew America? Now is the population 50% racist or misguided? I'm pinching myself in disbelief am i wrong? My heart tells me they can't all be racists, hiding all this time, they elected Obama, just what is this that's going on right now? So is the media and facebook wrong, about trump, the kkk, killing protesters, I was told along time ago by some Mason claimed Dorchester bag that they were using blacks, we'll maybe they were, glorifying a black president and black people, to bring out the true racists, out of Americans? I just don't know what's going on here, I can't process that there were kkk members, killing protesters, if this is not a media lie, than this must be, what the queen of England, people claimed said, this was our last Christmas last year? Maybe trump being elected is the apocalypse, is there anybody In the world, nasty enough, to stop trump, if he is indeed the next Hitler? The best asked questions, just what is 2016, why is it so fucking evil? Is there a way to stop it from returning again? Or is 2016, like that evil entity dark force(falz) from phantasy star, that keeps on returning every 1000 years? For me 2016 started when I lost my job Oct 6th 2009, things are finally starting to look at little good for me and now, we may have fucking Hitler to contend with wtf?
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