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My Encounter Tales Of Life's Doom & Glee
Topic Started: Jan 11 2017, 05:24 AM (88 Views)
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I wrote my encounter and life story out to someone recently and thought I would share it here and post it on the forum and keep it for future books. Here it is if you want to read it and yes it probably needs some editing but I lack the strength right now.

When I was a kid in school girls use to walk up to me and ask me to dance and id say yes like a dummie and theyd laugh at me and make fun of me. One day I saw this girl and she had a bod on her and I decided to give her a rose. I did like an idiot in like 9th grade and well a friend asked her what she thought.. she said I was to fat. I went home and cried. You see I've dealt with bullies all my life crazy son of a bitches who would just walk up and attack me and I wouldnt even know why. Or like a friend next to me would say something smart ass to them and they'd hit me. Anyway I'd get my ass beat to death at school then come home and my dad would beat me for getting beat up. One time I told him I wanted to die and he tried to play Russian Roulette with me.. I cried and well eventually this big bully kept torturing me at school. And said if I didn't meet him at Wild Turkey Circle he would jump me everyday. This was the Nazi guy i told you about. SO I went there and we fought and it was terrible he was on meth and mean as hell. Anyway the police came and I drove off and didnt get in trouble. Well later on he came and asked forgiveness because I did a spell on him and phucked him up and I think my dad took the lug nuts off his car. Im pretty sure my dad tried to kill him. So next thing you know I get a pain in my groin area. Really bad like someone kicking you in the nuts 24/7. It hurt and hurt and docs said it was from having to much sex and gave me anti biotics. Well I was a virgin and that didn't work. I didn't lose my virginity til I was 18 after chemo and after I lost a nut. They did exploratory surgery and I woke up and found out i had to go thru chemo and i lost my testicle. I just cried and cried. lol I call chemo my chemical crucifixtion. sp? you know like Jesus. And well during that chemo I found God. It had spread to my stomach and lungs and they were pumping me full of stuff from cadavers and sea animals and stuff. White blood count.. Anyway during that time I was big into comics and Anne Rice vampires and escaped into all that. One day I watched the news and saw that a little baby named Haley got stomped to death by her dad .. im crying now.. phuck a pusstoot.. ha ha I asked God to take all the pain off the Earth and I asked him to make me a superhero and to find a woman to love me so I would know what that was like. Well it was like my moment hanging from the cross or some weird shit like that. Something heard me. My keyboard is all wet now. I don't cry much so probably good I am. To the point I was healed and then a year or so later my dad died. After chemo i met a girl and she took my virginity and asked me to marry her. I said yes like a dope. Her parents were in the mafia and hated me. Called me Doctor Frankenstein Dracula and Beauty and the Beast. I said don't you dare call your daughter a beast! I found out later her step dad molested her and exposed him. He goes you think you're a White Knight don't you? I said No I'm the Black Knight. Well the wife dealt with depression a lot and her parents finally talked her into a divorce. Oh yeah they tried to kidnap her from my house on the wedding night. They are in the Mafia related to Bugsy or some shit they'd always say at Dinner. My dad tried to talk to her after he had a heart attack and she told him i hope you go to hell and die. Well he died right there from a heart attack in the rain and she blamed herself and tried to off herself. We ended it and well I don't talk to her anymore. I went nuts and started doing drugs and getting involved in the Occult and hanging out with a band called the Bloody sods and other ones got mixed up in a whole lotta shit.. And all during this time UFOs followed me to every house I moved to with multiple witnesses. My mom has seen them my brother and his son and my sister and friends. I could go on and on It literally follows me to every house I go to. A friend say them and said Jeffery your attracting them here. I thought I was an alien. I even had weird government stuff happen who were sent out to monitor the UFOs. It seems to have slowed down lately. But I believe God made me a superhero and showed me around on some level and here I am a Chubby Wolverine at 42 still picking up the pieces. Also my neighbor behind me in Georgia got testicular cancer to so maybe it was environmental. I have spoke to Shamans all over the world. I had a Shamanic Death and was taken up by the seat of my pants by the Great Spirit a Lakota told me. Thats my tale.. probably needs editing. lol
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