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The Terms of Service
By accessing and using The Slot Lodge forums, you agree to be legally bound by the following items and terms. If you do not agree then please do not access or use The Slot Lodge. We reserve the right to change or alter these at any time. We will do our utmost to inform you of such changes, but it behooves you to read the TOS regularly. Your continued use of The Slot Lodge means that you agree to the terms here in, even after they have been updated. As a user of The Slot Lodge, you agree to not post any abusive, vulgar, slanderous, hateful, threatening, sexually oriented, or any other material that may violate any laws of your country, or the country where The Slot Lodge is hosted in. Using any of the above items may bring you a permanent ban. Your internet provider may also be notified, if we decide that it is necessary. We record the IP address of all posts to aid in the enforcement of these rules. You also agree that The Slot Lodge has the right to remove, move, close or edit, any topic at any time, that we should deem fit. You also agree to any information you entered to being stored in a database, it will not be disclosed to ANY party without your consent. WE shall not be held responsible for any hacking attempt that compromises said information.

This was added on Sunday, November 17th, 2013
Adendum #1 - We have tried to keep the TOS very simple, but we also know that there may be items to add at times. This is one of them; Moderators will be old school; swift and mercful, with their intent focsed on the greater good. Lets all try to do the best we can to keep it in the slot and ot of the gutter by avoiding the third rail. The George Carlin rule is a good rule of thumb. Please remember that humor is not always funny unless you can also take a joke. AS such, you will be expected to "get' as much as you choose to "give". The old "take it to PM" rule will be strictly enforced at the first whiff of trouble in the forum Make no mistake, sniveling and whining in an un-slotcar like manner will put you on a light bender in the express lane to the exit.

This was added on Monday, November 18th, 2013
Addendum #2 - The Slot Lodge has jumped out to a great start thanks to everyone's help. Quality content and a higher standard of decorum are our mission statement. A simple point of order has been brought to our attention. Please join us in attempting to raise the standard of decorum in Slot Chat as well. Let's wipe the mud from our boots and leave the tattered baggage behind. It should go without saying that the "Take it to PM" rule is comprehensive and applies in Slot Chat as well as public the Slot Lodge forums. If still necessary, consider using the more courteous "membership friendly" option of taking it into private Chat. The Lodge is not a blog haus. Let's not be openly "off putting" to prospective membership and keep private matters private. The membership's cooperation on this small detail will help us put it quickly behind us.

Addendum #3 - This has also been an item which has been discussed. Members that are found to have more than one account in the lodge shall have both memberships deleted. They may also be subject to being banned. Only one membership is allowed per person. Also, members that are found to have applied for membership, under a false name, shall be subject to immediately being deleted from the database and be banned from any future membership. There is no reason for such hijinks to be perpetrated in the Slot Lodge.

Addendum #4 - I really didn't want to have to post the following rules, but human nature being what it is, I have no choice. So here they are;

1 - Treat other's with respect and you will get respect in return. Just because someone's opinion is not the same as yours gives you no right to be nasty or abusive.

2 - No vulgar language, NO EXCEPTIONS! That includes the derivatives like SXXT, FXXK. Even if you use the X's, the meaning is the same. Such post will be deleted. George Carlin's rule is expected to be adhered to.

3 - NO posting of links to other forums or "please visit my website" posts. NO messages or posts with just a link. Information about the link you are posting is MANDATORY! It is not allowed on other forums and DL/ML lists. It is not proper forum etiquette and is disrespectful. I expect members to be respectful. The link will be deleted and the thread closed.

4 - NO posts allowed concerning politics, religion and sports teams. These three topics usually cause very deep feelings to come into question. They do not have any place on a hobby related forum. Such posts will be deleted.

5 - These are not the "only" rules. These are the ones that will most likely pop up in the forums. Use common sense when you are posting.

6 - As stated in Addendum #3 - Applying for membership under an assumed name and having more than one account is NOT allowed. When discovered the offenders will be deleted from the membership and banned, for life. If you are going to lie about that, we do not need you here.

7 - Finally, to reassure the membership. I will never sell, give away, or allow access to any members information. This includes your email address, IP address, or any other information that is or can be used to identify your person.
Addendum #5 - The Slot Lodge is the realization of a collective dream for many of us. Please join us in a new place to call home. The primary goal is to provide an independent, member funded, non-commercial, slot car friendly environment. Moderators will be old school, with their intent focused on the greater good of the hobby. The Slot Lodge is a content heavy forum. There is NO selling or promoting on the non-BST areas, NO linking to other boards and NO BS, drama, or innuendo posts. We want content, content, content………Lets all try to do the best we can to keep it in the slot and out of the gutter.