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As you may have heard, nothing lasts forever. Recess, childhood...and even websites. After almost seven years, I decided it was time to close the site (and a few days earlier than intended, but it was dead anyway). Forums aren't as active as they once were, site activity has been dwindling as everyone's been busier and moving on with life, and I'm getting too busy to run it. But it's been a good run, I've had fun, we've all had fun.

Will the site be gone for good? Perhaps, perhaps not. Maybe if there's enough interest, but there isn't now. But hey, almost seven years! That's been a good run. Even longer than Recess aired for.

Thanks to everyone and everything you've done but now it's time to go...
RECESS and all related titles are copyright of The Walt Disney Company. I am just a fan, and I'm not making any money off of this.