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Thank you for joining Third Street School. Due to activity dwindling down, real life getting in the way, and forums overall not in as heavy usage as they once were, the site will be shutting down on June 30, 2018. Registration for new accounts are closed. Thank you for nearly seven years of support.
Hey, Miss G. here, welcome to the playground! Just remember these:

1. Have you read the rules? Please do if you haven't.
2. Respect all the users. No being a jerk like Randall.
3. Nothing NSFW is allowed.
4. Don't reveal too-important personal information.
5. No lying about your age.
6. If you don't like Recess, please don't join.
7. If you're that "Anytown Show" guy and all you're going to do is promote your show while pretending to be an official source such as Klasky-Csupo or Craig Bartlett, don't join this site. You will be banned on the spot.
8. Have fun!
RECESS and all related titles are copyright of The Walt Disney Company. I am just a fan, and I'm not making any money off of this.