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Welcome to Toshima, a roleplaying forum based on Togainu no Chi

Join the real massacre and beat the king to claim Vischio's fortunes or else, protect your turf in the street gang war. Or maybe become a soldier and get ready to be dispatched to the disoriented land of Toshima. The choice is all yours. And now, let the game begin.

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- Registration and Location Guide

- Toshima Rules

- Visualization List

- Igra Withdrawal and Igra Tags Request

** For quoting other people conversation please use grey and #fff (or white) **

This Forum is using English and Indonesian as main languages.
Credits Picture and main story to NitroPlus, Google and the rightful owner.
RPF credit to Arbitro and Kau.

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Announcement for staff :

-Please login only with admin and staff characters.
-Please check meeting room ASAP

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Timeline : August 2012

Toshima Weather : Sun is here. Shining brightly, burn everything underneath it.

Temperature : +/- 37 celcius

Other Area : Beach! Vacation! Oh yeah! Happy holiday all!

Temperature : +/- 35 celcius

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Please wait until the biggest battle in ex-country named Japan is announced to be started. Until then, take care...
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