The Community Rules
There are very few rules in the UWL Community, but they are important. Failing to follow these rules can result in anything from a warning, to a raise in warn level, to a complete ban. If you have any questions regarding these rules, please PM KevinHill.

1) Prejudism will obviously be unacceptable. Of course jokes will be made between friends, which is fine. We all make jokes. But if it crosses the line, then actions will be taken. We all have common sense. Let's use it here.

2) Flaming: It's annoying and for 12 year old's. If your little flame war gets out of hand, we will put a stop to it. With the BANHAMMER!!

3) Spamming: It's a No-No. This even goes for the eFeds in UWL. There are a dozen ways to promote your eFed correctly and effectively in the UWL. So if I see you spamming, you'll be in trouble. 'Spamming' in this case would be; Bragging about results, hinting towards members to join your eFed outside of Free Agent Market, linking to your site where you shouldn't, telling people how much better your eFed is than others, and worst of all, straight up whoring out your eFed posting all the information about it. That one could lead to an instant ban.

4) Illegal Recruiting: While the UWL Community is for everyone, recruiting inside the UWL is reserved for UWL eFeds only. The Free Agent Market is to be used by Free Agents, and UWL Fedheads only. You are also not allowed to try recruiting or spamming via PM. If you are reported by a member on the forums, you will be banned and blacklisted. The same consequence can occur for any other illegal recruiting violation.

5) Arguments: We know everybody doesn't love everybody. But let's atleast try to keep it civil here. Discussion and debate is one thing, calling a guy every name in the book because he disagrees with you is another. Use your brain.

Roleplay Rules
These are the rules for roleplaying for UWL Events. This is taken straight from the UWL Guidelines on the UWL Website. So now there are two ways for you to know these. No excuses.

AMENDMENT (12.27.12):: A few 'rules' have been made regarding a roleplay for a UWL Event.
- Editing a Roleplay IS allowed, but only for 60 Minutes. Meaning, the minute you post an RP, after 60 mins, you will not have the ability to edit. Use it wisely for spell check, or any last second changes.
- You are NOT allowed to post a link to your own site for a UWL RP. You are more than welcome to put your RP's on your site/blog, but the one posted on the UWL Forums, must be straight up text. Not a link.