NAW Meltdown 48
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Match 1
The Shadow vs John Blade

Notes: John Blade beat Thomas Valin to earn the right to face David Fraggle at Spring Breakdown, David Fraggle has booked this match between John Blade and The Shadow to weaken John Blade.

Match 2
Jack Jeckel vs Theodore Justice

Notes: Theodore Justice was successful against Caleb "The Fighter" Bagwell and now he faces Jack Jeckel.

Match 3
Corey Bull vs Thomas Valin

Notes: On the last episode of Meltdown it was announced that at Spring Breakdown it will be The Lost Family defending the NAW Tag Team Championships against The Apex Predators, The Jeckels and The Black Tie Affair. This match is a warm-up match.

Match 4
Sexy Jason vs Steven Von Erik

Notes: Sexy Jason competes in a singles match against Steven Von Erik.

Match 5
NAW Horizon Championship