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You guys should have known I would. This is a guide to effectively using Trick Room in the Vulcan Cup.

1) Introduction
2)Trick Room users
3) Trick Room sweepers
4) Teambuilding
5) Final comments

Section 1: Introduction

So what is Trick Room, and what does it do? Well, Trick Room is a Psychic type move that reverses the speed order for five turns. This means that, for five turns, the SLOWEST Pokemon goes first. This does not, however, reverse priority, meaning that Quick Attack will still go before normal moves. If should go without saying that a good Trick Room team will contain a lot of slow-moving Pokemon that will benefit from this effect, and a few Trick Room users (you ALWAYS want multiple...three is a good number to shoot for).

Typically, you want your team to be bulky as well, because they're gonna be doing a LOT of switching, and your Trick Room setters need to be able to do their job multiple times. If you can make use of them, Pokemon with Regenerator are invaluable, since they heal on the switch. Leftovers users are good as well. As long as your team can keep itself healthy, you should be fine. Just remember that Defenses are important to look at, as well as attack scores, especially for your setters.

Section 2: Trick Room Users

In this section, we'll take a look at some of the more reliable Trick Room users. This is by no means the full list.

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Base Stats: 60/90/70/60/120/40

Kecleon is very overlooked in the standard metagame, but in VC, it's a viable and decent Trick Room user that can, with a Life Orb, pose an immediate threat from the get go. With 60/70/120 Defenses, it's capable of taking a hit before setting up, too. Thanks to Color Change, you won't have consistent STAB unless you avoid damage all together, so having good coverage becomes much more important than relying on strong STAB. Shadow Claw and Brick Break are a good combination, for example. Also, Kecleon can forgo Trick Room and just be a sweeper under it, allowing it to hold a Choice Band. It's an adaptable little lizard.

Others TBA

Section 3: Trick Room Sweepers

Posted Image
Base Stats: 90/120/75/60/60/45

Granbull has incredible Attack, and a vast movepool to take advantage of. Despite being unable to have Outrage due to the level restriction and Snubbull's inability to learn it, it poses a major threat to opposing teams with moves like Crunch, Earthquake, Return, Brick Break, the elemental punches, etc. etc., and with a Life Orb or Choice Band, it only gets worse for your opponents. And with base 90 HP, it can take a few hits, as well.

Others TBA

Section 4: Teambuilding

This section is a work in progress

Section 5: Final Remarks

This section is a work in progress
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