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Forum Rules (Be excellent to each other)
In this forum, there's one rule to rule them all: Be excellent to each other.

Respect Zemalf, respect fellow forum members and respect everyone.

If you spam, if you're rude or otherwise misuse the forums, you will be banned.

Open discussion, feedback and critique is fine, and even welcome, but don't be an ass about it.

Other, just as important rules:

1. Do not advertise on this forum! You can promote your personal YouTube channel in the area created for just that purpose.

2. There's zero toleration for piracy, racism, discrimination, hate based speech, pornography, drugs and other things that have no place in a friendly community where people are having fun.

3. Trolling, flaming or otherwise insulting other users, or anyone to that regard, is not tolerated. Remember - be excellent to each other.

4. Don't discuss politics.

5. Don't discuss religion.

6. Don't overuse the quoting system. Don't quote full posts, if the post is long. If you use quote, quote a few lines you're responding to, not the full post. Avoid quoting videos or images posted by others.

7. Do not spam. Do not post one-liners (like "lol"). Don't post off-topic. Don't overuse caps, punctuation or smilies. Posts and replies should be constructive and meaningful.

8. The same rules apply to the shoutbox (aka "Live Chat Room"), but of course one liners are sometimes OK there, in moderation. All caps, spam, trolling, etc is not. Use common sense.

9. Keep harsh language and profanities to minimum. You might think it's cool, but it's not. While swearing is not forbidden, don't overdo it - and better if you don't do it all if possible.

And lastly - have fun, enjoy your time here and help others enjoy their time here as well :)
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