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Introduce Yourself; One topic so you don't have to create topic just to say Hi (Unless you want to)
Topic Started: Dec 19 2012, 01:20 PM (871 Views)
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Post your introduction to this thread (recommended) or create your own topic if you want to.


My name is Antti and Zemalf is my gamertag. I'm an average chap from Finland, an IT consultant, a software developer and a gamer.

Since you're reading this, you probably know me as a let's player from YouTube :) Thus, let me share my gaming background with you...

I've been gaming since 1980s and the times of Vic-20 and Commodore 64, and continued ever since.

I've been playing games on consoles and computers such as C64, Amiga, Atari ST, NES, SNES, Gameboy, Sega Megadrive, PS1/2/3, Dreamcast, XBox, XBox 360 and PC. Some I've had on my own, some I've played at friends.

There was a period in the late 1990s, early 2000, when I didn't play as much. Fallout 2 was pretty much the last game I played, before I bought XBox in 2002.

I was a console only player for couple of years, first XBox, then XBox 360. I bought PS2 later just to play Guitar Hero and Sing Star, and also the fantastic Okami and Final Fantasy XII.

On XBox (original) my favorite games, or at least the games I played the most, were Shenmue and Morrowind. Without Morrowind release on XBox, I probably wouldn't be as much into The Elder Scrolls as I am. I fell in love with the open-world, do-what-you-want gameplay.

Other favorites on XBox were Halo, Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire, All Grand Theft Autos (III, Vice City, San Andreas), Dreamfall and Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy).

On XBox 360 I played a lot as well, with favorites being Oblivion in 2007, Mass Effect 1, and of course, Fallout 3.

There were other games as well I enjoyed, can't recall them all, but from the top of my head Grand Theft Auto IV and Dead Rising come to mind.

I still play on XBox 360, but I haven't bought many new games recently, mostly because I have a nice gaming PC now and I'm having fun let's playing PC games :)

I didn't have a PC that could run modern games until 2007 - I've been playing Mount & Blade since alpha days from 2005 thou :) When I got my PC in 2007, a laptop but anyway, I pretty much played only WoW, and some EVE Online, for 3-4 years.

I made my first YouTube videos in 2007 when I did some WoW tutorials and other videos. I played WoW from 2007 to late 2010/early 2011 when I quit (with a little break from the game before Cataclysm came out). I stopped playing because it took all the time I had for gaming.

I didn't like how I didn't time to play anything else anymore, and in all honesty, it ate a lot of my non-gaming time as well, as many who play or have played WoW probably know. I just didn't have the "casual" in me to play the game for 1-2 hours every now and then.

Anyway - After I quit WoW, I found Minecraft, discovered let's playing, took my old favorite Mount & Blade, started making videos, bought Warband, started Violet's Tale and here I am. I've been making let's play videos since March/April 2011.


Now, it's your turn - Say hello to everyone and tell us a bit about yourself.
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Sup Zemalf!

Thought about doing an LP channel for a little while but then I moved halfway across the world where the internet is so bad it would be impossible to do anything like that. Other than that, I play my fair share of games when I have the time. Slower paced, thoughtful games are my favorites usually, but Dwarf Fortress is too much for me :P SO OVERWHELMED! I don't know how folks like Zemalf and Nagi have the patience for such steep learning curves but it makes for an alright video!

If anyone is from Asia and plays Minecraft left me know: I'm looking for a decent server somewhere in China, South Korea or Japan. Haven't been able to find any decent ones.
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Hi everyone.

I'm playing games since 2000 aprox. I started my life as gamer playing Everquest for two years, in 2002 Battlefield 1942 was released and I played it until Battlefield Vietnam was released, in my opinion the best Battlefield. Thenceforth I've been playing all Battlefields.

One year ago I bought a new PC for gaming, so it allows me play modern games, but I feel that the modern games ( not all ) are decaying. The developers of large companies are making lineal games focusing the graphics and not the gameplay. For that reason I'm interested in small developers.

Sorry for the grammar mistakes.
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Congrats for opening the forum,Zemalf! :)

Hello evryone,I too consider myself somewhat of a gamer. I subscribed to Zemalf's channel about one and a half year ago mostly because of his "Mount and Blade:Warband" sereis. I remember at first it took me some time to get used to Zemalf's very slow and thoughtful gameplay style,but I have been addicted ever since.
I mostly play RPG's and strategy games but also love a nice piece of action every once and a while.

So I guess thats it. Cheers! :)
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Hi everyone!

I am T-rod, i live in the northen part of sweden, in a small town called LuleƄ. I am 15 years old.

The first game i remeber playing was Age of Empires 2 when i was around 8 years old. Since then i have loved and sticked to strategy games, both RTS, and turn based, however, i didn't game that much then. We had a sucky old Compac computer that my father had bought from the airforce when they discarded it (he works as an aeroplane technichian at the airbase here in LuleƄ) and already then it was old. However, it could run games like age of empires or Rolercoster Tychoon, which i remember playing a lot.

When i was about 10, my father bought a new computer, wich he built. It was a HTPC, another Compac, however, it worked just fine, and i started to play warious games, i also got to test my first FPS, Medal of Honor, however, i cant recall which it was.

After about one year, i stopped to play at all for a while, i didnt have any good games, also, i was bullyed in school, and my mom and dad got a divorce, we moved around for a bit (i have moved 12 times in my entire life), it was a rough time, which lasted for some years. Yep. Hard times.

While this was happening, we and dad moved in with anoter woman, who had two sons, and they had an Xbox. The best game they had was Need for Speed Most Wanted, and i remember waking up kind of early, and wating for the others to wake up so we could play.

They later got a ps2 in christmas present by their grandfather. I opened up my eyes for gaming at that point, i got Rachet and Clank, and i am a big fan of the Ratchet and Clank series still today. We also got Star Wars Battlefront 2, wich quickly became my favorite game.

In later years, i really opened up my eyes for games, when we got our first Xbox360 at 2010, and with it, Call of Duty Black Ops (wich in my opinion is the best CoD game ever, i still play it) and that is when i became a real Gamer. I also got StarCraft 2 at this point, however, we didnt have any computer that would be able to run it, i remember trying on our biggest and more modern computer, it tried to install itself for about 3-4 hours, only to say that there was a problem at the begining at the instalation, and that everything went wrong. I was so mad, and it would take a long time before i finally could play it.

I got BF3 and CoD MW3 at christmas 2011, and, ofcourse ;) stuck with BF3. I like the reality and destructable enviroments and such. I also got a laptop that was good enough to support StarCraft2, just barely. Howewer, it had some sort of issue with our internet router. So, No StarCraft for me then. I countinued to be a Xbox-gamer.

At about february-april this year, the computer finally started working propperly, for a while, that is. However, it was long enough for me to be able to install StarCraft, finally! And it was one of the best games i have ever played! As said, i really love strategy games. However, when i finished it, i countinued to play on the Xbox.

I found your channel via your DayZ LP.

So yeah, that is my history of gaming, and lets plays.

Edited by T-rod, May 7 2016, 10:50 PM.
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Hello, my username is PsychoTech.

I like playing games like The Witcher 2, Forza Motorsport 4, Darksiders, Red Dead Redemption, and Limbo. The games I'm looking forward to are Cyberpunk 2077, Metro Last Light, and Rainbow Six Patriots. My favorite LP of yours is The Witcher and the XCOM series. Hopefully I will one day own a gaming computer and I really look forward to hang out here.
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Hello. I'm 15-year old boy from Finland. I do piano, scout, sail, handboll and of course play with pc. My "gaming career" started when I was like 7-years old. My mother bought a laptop and it was powerfull in those times. Now I DONT even want to turn it on cause it's nowadays veery slow. When I had that pc I was playing mainly arcade games. Cause pc was not able to "use"(yeah I could not figure out better verb...) more heavier games. At 2010 we went to shop and bought a gaming laptop (fujitsu lifebook a series ah530), which was enough good to our needs. First I started playing need for speed hot pursuit and after completing every "mission" I played a bit multiplayer but got bored to it.After that was like: "What next?". So I went to internet and found my way to battlefield heroes... I downloaded it, played it and finally deleted it. From that I moved to Battlefield play for free. It was cool as long as it last... Game got a big patch whitch changed it to "Play to play" (not letterly but u know). Then I had a small vacation from gaming and started watching Let's plays. I had heard about Mount and blade warband from my classmate and started watching lets plays. At first I found lets plays from jefmajor and had fun until he bored to mount and blade (cause all the deaths). So I had to find another. U know who I found when searching "Lets play mount and blade warband episode 1". Zemalf of course! Since that I have been watching your vids and havent missed any episode. I am also following newegg and razethew0rld when mentioning the active ones. Those are doing interviews and so on. When talking my gaming nowadays the League of legends is gonna pop up too often. Iam also considering buying a new pc. Sorry my english hope that reading was enjoyable
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Hi :) my first game if i remember well was wizard of wor it had 2 player option what ment to be cooperative but my father always shot me for 2000 points! :D not sure when it was but it was in the 80s for me too.
old fart reporting for duty!

found the advert! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHVEpBr-Dfk
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Hello, I'm Stew, an 18 year old guy from little ol' New Zealand (That thing beside Australia), My first game console was a Sega Mega drive, I got it around 2000 (Yep :l) I then got a PS1 around 2002, then a PS3 in 2009. Around 2010 I got my laptop, AMD Dual core/ 1.5gb GPU. I first saw Zemalf's videos around the endgame of Violet's Tale and have been watching ever since.
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Hello - I'm Vincent. Just a student in the US, leaning about this and that. Simply, I enjoy a good read, scare, and a laugh every now and again.

But sticking with the flow of game talk, the first console I played on was the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. More specifically the game Mario World. Even know I will pop it in and play, as well as some other games for the SNES like Top Gear, Killer Instinct, Chrono Trigger, and a few others. Had a few small things in between me getting my hands on the Play Station system (the first one), like a Gameboy and what not. For the PSX (PS1, rather) I had a lot of games. I mostly played the Twisted Metal series, Gran Turismo 1 and 2, Crash Bandicoot, Jet Moto and Sled Storm. Then the PS2 and original Xbox came around, and I got games like Roadkill (Midway game), Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2, and more of the Gran Turismo series.

It wasn't until the Play Station 3 where I started to enjoy playing my games slowly. I was always told to rush and do this and that from my brothers and friends, but that's simply not how I play, and it just annoys me :P
Early years of the PS3 (2008, IIRC) is when I got into the Elder Scrolls games. I saw a few friends play Oblivion, and I thought it was kind of ridiculous - they were running around fighting guards and just going on a murder spree. I never got a chance to see the slow, RP style that the game provided to the people who wanted it.
So I bought it for the PC, thus sparking PC gaming for me. I am now into playing mostly Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and Terraria. And for PS3, I pretty much only play it for Gran Turismo 5.

My first Zemalf video I noticed was part 1, the intoduction, of his Skyrim Roleplay Series. I was (and still am) trying to role play Skyrim. I wanted so watch an example, so I started lurking around and found Zemalf - Easily the best Youtube channel I've seen so far. Amazed after watching the first few videos (not sure how much was completed then) I went back to the first video and had to comment.
Posted Image

So yeah, hope to meet some great people here soon! :)
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