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Recruitment Application
Topic Started: Oct 21 2013, 05:28 PM (420 Views)
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In order to join, you must fill out one of these (small) forms

GTA5 Only Form

Steam Form

Social Club Username is used to officially recruit you, PSN ID is required as Zone-Tan will add you, Character Picture must be from Snapmatic.
*Note: This does not make you an official Zone Archive Crew Member. One (1) game session played with Zone-Tan (or another authorized membe)r is required before becoming an official member.
Steam ID is so you can be added on Steam. REMINDER! Steam ID is NOT your Display Name, Steam ID is your username you use to sign into Steam. We ask for it because we can only add you through your ID.

If you do not have a PS4 but have GTA5 on the PC, leave the PSN Username field blank. Snapmatic is not required for PC users for pictures.
Same goes for PS4 Users in that you can leave Steam ID blank. Remember this form is for GTA5 only, meaning if you want in the social club crew, you must fill this out separately from the Steam Group Form.

Take this Form and paste it into a new topic.

PS4 and PC/Steam Exclusive Crew
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