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Welcome to American Girl Collectors, where Collectors of all Kinds are welcome! We're the Socially Conscious, Troublesome American Girl Message Board you've probably heard of. We are both for American Girl collectors and are an openly Social Justice Focused/Oppressed Peoples First board. Please read the rules, and once you can confirm you understand the rules, then contact staff to obtain membership.

A situation has come to the attention of the mod staff, which has collectively led to the the unfortunate decision to restrict access by outsiders to any of AGC's content. Until we can be certain that we as a board are left well enough alone, we will not be accepting any new members that have not contacted a moderator beforehand. Guests and non-members will not be able to read any information beyond rules and announcements. All unsolicited/non-invited applicants will be automatically rejected.
If you would like to be part of our fine, if weird, and socially conscious doll community, then please find a way to contact moderator staff. Thank you for understanding.

Announcement, 6/15/17: We are working on some adjustments to our rules, as well as a central post for Rules Updates and Clarifications. The post is here. This is also a reminder that all rules apply to all members from the first moment you are admitted.
Announcement, 11/15/17: A new rule has been added in "Rules of Self Expression: Gender, Race, Religion, and The Like" articulating to that we will not allow Native-mimicking/culture disrespective crafting or displays of any kind, here or elsewhere. The full new rule can be seen here: Why Culturally Appropriative/Non-Native Craft Is Not Allowed
Announcement, 1/3/18: Luciana Vega has been added to the AG Pictionary! Please refresh yourself on the rules for the Pictionary before posting. We have also included Bald Dolls, CYO, and Boy Dolls!
The rules are located here, and we ask that you read them. They are always being updated, clarified and changed, and it is your responsibility to stay abreast of them. Announcements will be made for major changes.