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We've moved! If you're looking for a place to roleplay, check out a more recent venture: the Collective Isles.

It's another play-by-post forum roleplay like this one. The game is set in a multiverse full of life, magic, adventure, and its own brand of chaos. Players can even submit applications for their own worlds, adding to the scope of the setting.

There's no limit to character advancement; as long as you continue to participate, your character will learn and grow. Character development and interaction are as important to our community as the epic adventures which await. We're welcoming roleplayers of all experience levels, including first-timers.

Stop by and say hello: http://forum.collectiveisles.info

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Welcome to Alpha Sanctuary!

This is a roleplaying forum set in a fantasy world called Sanctuary. Players create their own characters, go on adventures, and participate in an overarching story which gradually shapes the world around them. If you think you might be interested, read through some of our content and submit a character application for review. We would love to have you!

Before submitting your application, please register an account. If you're not sure what your character name is going to be, feel free to use something else until you submit your application. At that time, let us know you'd like to change your name, and we'll accommodate you. Using the same name for your account and character makes reading in-character threads much easier, so it's strongly encouraged.

Refer to the newcomer's guide for help getting started.

Enjoy your stay!

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News, System, and Discussion

Regular Forum News and Updates
Releases of abilities, system changes, and special event announcements - that sort of thing.
Small change to elementals, combining elem… Mar 1 2012, 06:44 AM, By crius
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Regular Forum General Discussion
Discussion of Sanctuary-related and not-so-related topics.
Bona Fide Dead Forum? Apr 11 2012, 09:13 AM, By Aleksandra Kira
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Other Settings
Want to host a roleplay outside the scope of Sanctuary? Make a discussion thread here to garner interest. We'll provide a subforum for games with three or more players.
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Regular Forum Elder Library
Information on the story and character advancement.
Reference for Fighting Guards Feb 28 2012, 04:24 PM, By Sorai Kelldar
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Regular Forum Character Applications
Submit your character sheets here. Please review the library materials and the character template before applying.
Character Sheet Format Jan 6 2012, 12:08 AM, By Sorai Kelldar
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Regular Forum Character Profiles
All approved player characters are on file here. Please keep your character sheet up-to-date.
Frederick Graywater Mar 3 2012, 01:40 PM, By Frederick Graywater
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Lydina Kingdom

Regular Forum Arrival Woods
As the legend goes, the first humans were given life here by Maxidim Lydina. A number of wood elf settlements lay throughout. As one continues east, hills rise out of the terrain. The official boundary of the woods is that enforced by dragons for permanent human settlement - the edge of the Spine.
An Unlikely Pair Mar 30 2012, 07:03 PM, By Aleksandra Kira
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Arwood Glen
A checkpoint on Lydina's eastern border with the Spine. The buildings are all wooden and resemble massive trees. Raised platforms at various heights serve as foundations for buildings, giving the town the impression of being an intricate tree house. Angled ladders join the assorted platforms together.
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Gladina
Though the town's plantations are the heart of its economy, it's the surprising host to the most prestigious magic academy in Sanctuary, Nalthor. Enchantments sold throughout Sanctuary make up a large portion of Gladina's income. Nalthor Academy also offers a popular curse removal consultation service.
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Regular Forum Godsreach
Capital of Lydina Kingdom, center of commerce, and home of Godsreach Palace. Maxidim Lydina founded the city in ancient times. The southwest half of the city is the human district; the northeast portion, somewhat neglected by guards, is the elven district.
Abandoned Mar 20 2012, 11:42 AM, By Nyull Latress
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Regular Forum Shorepoint
Lydina's border checkpoint on the border of Shore Country. Two watchtowers mark the enforced border. Without valid identification and a clean record, travelers are denied passage. Long lines of horse-drawn carts wait on either side of the border for permission to go through. There are several successful establishments here including taverns, restaurants, trade shops, and even a dog racing pit.
Border Patrol Jan 15 2012, 11:42 PM, By Elita Eleos
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Sydira
The Priests of Nmarogg, devoted to the worship of Maxidim and his divine children, call this island city their home. Pilgrims visit at least once in their lives to honor the gods.
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Regular Forum Western Grasslands
Open grasslands between Gladina and Godsreach, populated by a diverse range of wild animals. Three major trails through the region connect Gladina, Godsreach, and Shoretown in a loose triangle. Migrating bandit camps dot the areas just off the main path. Beware of delvours and packs of wolves.
The Evening Before Exodus! Mar 19 2012, 04:46 PM, By Sorai Kelldar
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Spine Territories

Regular Forum The Spine
Mountainous region between Godsreach and Eyr. The spine elves and graymen inhabit the area. Dragon sightings are rare, but not unheard of. The dragons seem to restrict access to certain areas of the Spine. In particular, they prevent humans from forming permanent settlements of any sort within the mountains. Most of the northern regions of the Spine are strictly off-limits.
In the Pattern of Destruction Apr 6 2012, 10:45 AM, By Sorai Kelldar
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Elven Boundaries

Regular Forum (No New Posts) Eyr
Ruined homeland of the elves. The true elves still inhabit the desert ruins, but the sands of time have eroded much of the once great civilization. Successful residents have stakes in the growth of medicinal herbs, glass work, and research with the distant Nalthor Academy.
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Eigenblut Republic

Regular Forum (No New Posts) Eastblood
A city built to withstand the challenges of the desert. Rebels, supporters of the exiled Eigenblut clan, and other enemies of the Lydina family call it home. This includes a number of outlaws of various races.
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Regular Forum Graywalk
A settlement stretched north to south along the pass through the Spine. The graymen call it their home, and it serves as the final buffer zone between Lydina and Eastblood. The natural-born graymen make up the larger portion of a tribal subculture, while humans turned gray tend to maintain a society similar to that of Godsreach or Eastblood.
The Wanderings of a Man Lost in an Era Feb 16 2012, 11:38 PM, By Sorai Kelldar
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Regular Forum Eigenblut Wilderness
Piedmont, shrublands, and portions of the Wing Desert descending from the Spine to Eastblood. Hunting parties of tribal graymen form camps in this area on their way to vanquish the mighty desert lizards.
The Magic Hourglass Feb 6 2012, 08:35 PM, By Sorai Kelldar
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Shore Country

Regular Forum Shoretown
Thriving mostly on fishing and boating, this town struggles to maintain sovereignty with constant pressure from Lydina. Wild man-eating turtles occasionally wander within the town limits. These are killed or enslaved as slow, but secure means of travel. Shoretown inhabitants prefer a simple life and simple people.
A Change of Direction Jan 29 2012, 01:36 AM, By Sorai Kelldar
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Regular Forum Shoreside Plantations
The stretch of territory surrounding Shoretown is full of privately owned plantations and a few open fields. Castle Lake borders the northern edge of this region. Because of its small size and population compared to Lydina, most of its produce is exported. Beware of man-eating turtles.
On the Road Again Feb 5 2012, 02:36 AM, By Sorai Kelldar
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Deep Stream

Regular Forum (No New Posts) Boledesha
Fashioned after the cities of the land-dwellers, this seakin city lies in Castle Lake between Gladina and Shoretown. The lake is named for the tall, pillar-like rock formations surrounding it. Extensive underwater caverns connect this city to the distant Thai-Wor to the southwest. Large quantities of landstrider elixir are produced here using native plants. Land races are more readily invited here than to Thai-Wor.
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Regular Forum Thai-Wor
A true marvel of undersea civilization consisting of spiraling seabed towers built in harmony with a coral reef. The number of species populating this city exceeds any other in Sanctuary. Land-based species rarely visit; the majority of its inhabitants are mer.
Adapting in Club Idellica Jan 18 2012, 04:13 PM, By Taylan Volkan
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