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Board Rules

See Addendum(s) below
Madonna fans are permitted to post in the "Cranky Madonna Fans" forum only. Defying this rule may get you instantly banned.
Madonna is fair game at this board, and she will be insulted and slammed; if you are unhappy with that, please reconsider participating at this board. It's a board by a Madonna-hater for other Madonna-haters.


  • Let's try to keep the flaming to a minimum (*)
  • Please watch the language.
  • No spammers.
  • No trolls / trolling.
  • Stay on topic please.
  • [Added Nov. 24, 2005]:
    Do not publicly instruct board moderators and administrators how to perform his or her mod/admin duties. Nor are you to publicly criticize the moderating choices and decisions of admins/moderators at this discussion board. If you disagree with a mod/admin decision, send that individual a personal message via the discussion board's personal messaging system.
    (Even then, it will not go over well - at least not with flea dip.)
(*) As far as flaming is concerned, I recognize that some will occur, since we will no doubt be getting hostile Madonna fans on this board (despite the fact that this is a board for those of us who don't like her), so I will allow a certain amount of hostility to take place. However, I do not want things getting out of hand.

If you are a Madonna fan: please attempt to intelligently defend Madonna if that is your intent for dropping by the board. Simply calling Non-Madonna Fans by obscene names and the like is not acceptable, and it may just get you banned from the board...

As some of us here at the board obviously do not like Madonna, it follows that we will, from time to time, insult Madonna. As Madonna is not a particpant here, and since the board's creator (me) hates her guts and made this board for others who can't stand Madonna, it is inevitable that this is going to happen.

I will attempt to be polite to Madonna fans who drop in, though.

However, be forewarned: I have little patience for ignorant types, or people who pop off the same tired arguments in favor of Madonna, e.g., "but she's a savvy business woman!" etc.

Madonna herself is fair game at this board; if you are unhappy with that, please reconsider participating at this board.


Addendum: November 24, 2005.

Note that while Trolling is already against this board's rules (this would include Madonna fans or Madonna sympathizers posing as "Madonna haters"), we none-the-less have some trolls who attempt to troll within the confines of the board's other rules.

That is, we have had such trolls who attempt to disturb, distract, and harass other posters (including the board's moderators and administrators) by doing so within the confines of the board's rules, (e.g., by attempting to refrain from conspicuous name-calling, for instance).

Because we have experienced trolls at the board who attempt to camouflage hostility, personal attacks, and flame-baiting techniques by using a veneer of civility, let me make it very clear:

Trolling is unacceptable, no matter how it is done or what form it takes, and no matter how civil and polite the troll tries to sound.

If a board participant is following the rules of the board to the letter but not in spirit

(e.g., carrying out ways to troll that do not appear to blatantly conflict with other board rules - although trolling is already against the rules to start with anyway!),

it is up to the administrators' discretion and judgment as to whether or not such a poster should be disciplined, warned, or banned.

-- Flea Dip
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