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Ugly Man Thread
Topic Started: Mar 29 2008, 03:04 AM (7,356 Views)
flea dip
Member Avatar
Rock Star From Mars

In the interest of keeping feminist, transgendered web trolls from the UK happy

(you know who you are ParisIsPissedOff),

this is the thread to even out the
laughing at 50-something year old pop star women for looking manly and unattractive commentary

(if they left John Kerry and Michael Moore off the list, their anti-conservative bias ruined this list):

Top 100 Un-Sexy Males of 2008
  • [100] TOM BRADY

    Oh, how quickly we turn on our heroes! Once a loveable Everyman, he's now an overexposed, supermodel-dating, out-of-wedlock-fathering, big-game-losing metrosexual — with a bowl haircut.

    [99] JERRY YANG

    Yahoo's Chinese-American founder allowed his company to give up the IP address of a Chinese Yahoo subscriber who'd criticized the Chinese government, resulting in that guy's arrest, torture, and imprisonment. May your wang get run over by a Communist tank.

    [98] FAT EMINEM

    It's entirely possible that the rumors of Mr. Mathers's weight problem have been taken — pardon the pun — out of proportion. But
    if packing on a few pounds is keeping him out of the spotlight, then we can't really say we mind all that much.

    [97] QUAGMIRE

    Note to Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane: nothing screams hilarity like jokes about date rape!

    [95] DREW CAREY

    Since being demoted from unfunny sitcoms to warmed-over game shows, Drew Carey has been a walking advertisement for misery.


    One of the saddest small details of Britney Spears's recent downward spiral was her being spotted dating the very bottom-feeding parasites who've turned her life into a horror show of never-ending surveillance. In this celebrity version of Stockholm syndrome, Adnan was puppetmaster general.

    [76] JOEL OSTEEN

    An enabler for religious extremists like Mike Huckabee, this unusually creepy empire-building Bible thumper and his wife, Victoria, have turned the word of the Lord into a self-serving virus of positive thoughts and financial-planning advice. Oh, and he looks like a flesh robot made from the worst traits of Martin Short, Tony Robbins, and Steve Guttenberg.


    Dude, put the makeup back on! Seldom has a man whose sole raison d'être seems to be seducing the opposite sex been so profoundly unsexy. The towering arrogance. The creepy lasciviousness of that serpentine tongue. The long-standing rumors that he wears a wig. The Gene Simmons reality show, the Gene Simmons magazine, the claims that he has bedded 4800 women, and the accompanying lie-detector test. And if you think any of that is gross, don't even bother googling "Gene Simmons face-lift."


    It's not just that he rhino'd his wife's sure-fire shot at following his presidency — after all, the last time Bill screwed over Hillary, his approval ratings (and his sex appeal) went through the roof. No, it's also that Father Time has not been kind to him. The alabaster ex-prez's grandmotherly demeanor — that bulbous nose! that wiry white hair! — now conjures none of his notorious past as Oval Office blowjob king, but instead reveals a souring senior citizen sapped by a soul-sopping marriage — seemingly a sexless one. And rightly so.


    An androgynous vlogger — there's an appealing phrase, eh? — piled on a disturbing amount of eyeliner and turned on the sprinklers in his shrieking YouTube plea to "leave Britney alone!" It was an act that suggested Edmund Muskie in a Madonna video. Somewhere, John Waters is writing his next movie.


    Responsible newsman Perez Hilton (née Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr.) operates a cruel, bafflingly popular Web site about celebrities on which he posts unflattering photographs and defaces them with childish lettering and crude insults.

    The poodle-faced, pudgy, sometimes-pink-haired, openly gay blogger also has a penchant for outing actors who don't exactly want their sexual preferences discussed in the public sphere.

    We don't know who loathes him more, the closeted gays whom he shuns for wanting privacy, or the straight stars whom he mocks for being fat, ugly, bitchy, or all of the above. On that last count, at least, pot calling the kettle black, much?

    [8] DR. PHIL

    As if Britney Spears's sorry-ass life couldn't reach a lower low, her parents apparently foisted TV celebrity-parasite Dr. Phil McGraw on her while she was checked into a mental hospital. Could that get any worse?

    If you already felt like heaving yourself repeatedly onto a rusty pile of sharp nails, how were you supposed to have been helped by the unwelcome appearance of a self-serving mustachioed blowhard with a "Dueling Banjos" drawl?

    [4] TOM CRUISE

    No matter if he's chiding other luminaries for their birthing preferences, or establishing vertical-leap records off sofas, we already knew Tom was nuts — he had us at "Hello, I'm insane."

    Now, though, it seems he's gone fully Cruisazy, starring in an off-the-cuckoo-charts, straight-to-YouTube promotional vid for Scientology. Highlight, among many: "Being a Scientologist, when you drive past an accident, it's not like anyone else. As you drive past, you know you have to do something about it, because you know you're the only one that can really help."

    That's great, Tom. Now if you'll just bust out the Google Maps and plan a field trip with some of your Scientologist buddies to drive past Darfur.
Please click the link at top of the post to see the rest of their list.
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flea dip
Member Avatar
Rock Star From Mars

Faces of Meth has photos of ugly men.

More ugly men:
Ugly People.com > Ugly Men

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flea dip
Member Avatar
Rock Star From Mars

In some thread in the MBC forum, I've been keeping a collection of news stories that poke fun at men for getting older, for looking older, for gaining weight etc, because contrary to popular Madonna fan opinion, famous males sometimes get laughed at and ridiculed for their physical appearance, not just women, and not just Madonna in particular.

You can see some examples of male celebrities getting criticized for looking old and fat by scrolling down this page.

This following page, from This is London mentions the veins of Rolling Stones rock band members Keith Richards and Mick Jagger:

You're so vein: Celebs who take fitness too far

The caption below the photo of Richards and Jagger on that page reads:

Keith Richards and Mick Jagger rock the wrinkly vein look
Pasted in from other threads at the board:

I thought this was interesting, and in my view, this does fit in the context of our thread here about Madonna here.

People don't just judge women by age/appearance, it happens to men, too.

I was reading this review of X-Men Wolverine (the film starring Hugh Jackman), and the male reviewer, Michael Smith, made this comment:
  • That said, Jackman is a pillar of strength, both in his emotional intensity and his physique (age 40? wow), and Schreiber does a delicious villain turn. But "Origins" falls fourth in the film series, even behind the mediocre "X-Men: The Last Stand."

    [review posted on May 2, 2009]
The older I get (I'm in my late 30s), the more amused and somewhat bewildered I am by people's reactions to age and appearance.

There also seem to be two trends at work in society:

(1) On the one hand, there are people running around declaring age 40 "the new 30" (or age 50 is 'the new 30', or age 60 is, etc), so 40+ is not viewed as being old...

(2) And on the other, I see another group of people who are lowering the bar all the time on what is considered "old," so if you're age 40, you're considered a Grandma or Grandpa.

Clearly, this Michael Smith guy thinks that age 40 is pretty ancient.

Why else would he express amazement that a 40 year old man can have a great body and be in shape?

As for people in this second group, it's only a matter of time before the bar on what is considered "old" gets lowered to 35, then 30, then 25, and before you know it, if you're over age 15, you're a 'senior citizen.'

Either reviewer Michael Smith is-

(a.) 25 years old and has this view that anyone over 29 is really old; or

(b.) he is age 40+ himself, is out of shape, maybe flabby and chubby, and he looks at another age-40 guy and wonders to himself,
"How does this guy do it, how does he get or maintain that ripped body at this age?"

If it's "B" above:

All it takes is dedication. Make the time to exercise.

Instead of sitting your butt down on your La-Z-Boy recliner and watching TV when you get home from work, go out jogging for 30 minutes - and cut your calories.

You'll at least get thin if you stick to that plan. If you want Jackman's body, that will likely involve weight training on top of the aerobics.

I am just not understanding the mentality held by some folks that 40 is ancient - that a reviewer would express surprise that a 40- year- old male can be in shape, as though this is really rare.
I just got an e-mail from a friend that has 'before and after' photos of several male celebrities.

The photos show the guys when they were hot, studly, and in shape, alongside photos where they have "let themselves go" and have beer guts, balding heads, or what have you.

People do notice what males look like and pass judgment.

All these Madonna apologists who keep saying people give males a pass and single Madonna out due to her gender are simply wrong.

I'm too lazy to upload every single photo that was in this e-mail, but I'll include several so you can see-

Alec Baldwin, from stud muffin to sagging:
click small image to view larger version:
Posted Image
direct link

Arnold Schwarzenegger - from buff to flabby:
Posted Image
direct link

Clint Eastwood - from in-shape to having a pot belly:
Posted Image
direct link

Russell Crowe - from rugged to scruffy:
Posted Image
direct link

Richard Gere - thin to flabby:
Posted Image
direct link

Val Kilmer - from cute to bloated and blotchy:
Posted Image
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flea dip
Member Avatar
Rock Star From Mars

That's right. The media pick on ugly and fat men, including aged and/or over weight male entertainers.
Madonna is not singled out for just being Madonna or for being female.

Another example:

Is that Meat Loaf? No its 'fatman' Val Kilmer (admiring a painting of fat naked lady)
  • By Daily Mail Reporter
    06th December 2009

    He's played one rock star renowned for this charisma and good looks.

    But it appears Hollywood actor Val Kilmer is taking less inspiration from singer Jim Morrison these days - and more so from Meat Loaf.

    Former heartthrob Kilmer, who has dated the likes of Cindy Crawford and Paris Hilton, looked a far cry from the man who women swooned over in his portrayal of Morrison in the 1991 film, The Doors.

    [snip Kilmer photo]

    [caption for snipped photo:]
    Val Kilmer did a good impression of Meat Loaf as he attended an art festival in Miami Beach on Friday

    [snip Kilmer photo]

    Aptly, the Batman actor was admiring a drawling of lady with something of a similarly large physique to is as he mooched around at an art festival at Miami Beach on Friday.

    At one point he was seen freshening his breath with a spray and according to onlookers was keen to dodge photographers inside the venue.

    The 49-year-old star's next project is reportedly to be a film with U.S. rapper 50 Cent, The Gun.

    View Kilmer Photo
    [Their photo caption for the above photos reads:]
    He appeared to have piled on the pounds, but ensured he had minty fresh breath with a quick spray

    Producer Robert Jackson is heading up the film about two friends who get caught up in illegal weapons dealing.

    50 Cent is said to have signed a deal to make three screenplays into movies, WENN reports, with Kilmer tipped to appear in the first one.

    'When you write a song, you need to say it in three minutes or it is overkill,' 50 Cent said.

    'But I like creating stories and going in-depth with characters.'

    [snip side by side comparison photo - Meat Loaf vs Kilmer as Doors lead singer]
    [their photo caption for above photos reads:]
    He appears to have morphed into Meat Loaf these days (seen left) and (right) in his heyday portraying Jim Morrison in the 1991 film The Doors
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flea dip
Member Avatar
Rock Star From Mars

Photo gallery of over-weight male celebrities (also shows a few females):

Slideshow of overweight celebs
-includes Val Kilmer, Jon Gosselin, Boy George and many others

From the slideshow above:

Val Kilmer
  • Once a Hollywood heartthrob, Val Kilmer has piled on the pounds as of late, going from "Top Gun" to Top Gut. At the AMA Awards this year, Kilmer was virtually unrecognizable (above, far right), and not because of the hat and shades he wore on the red carpet. The 49-year-old "Batman" actor bulked up for his role in "Felon" last year, but never seemed to lose the weight. Bring on the character parts!
Jon Gosselin
  • It seems the stress of the media circus surrounding him has really taken its toll on Jon Gosselin. When we first met the "Jon & Kate Plus Eight" star in 2007, he was a lean looking guy. But as the years have passed and the drama surrounding the Gosselins has snowballed, the stress has taken its toll on the 32-year-old's waistline. Hopefully the octodad can get his act together, at least for the sake of his brood.
K FED (#15 on their list)
  • K-Fed might want to take up back-up dancing again. While Britney's back and looking better than ever, K-fed's new career - Dad - has not been so good for his waistline. And while their breakup (and her comeback) eventually got his ex back in fighting trim, Federline may have used his exodus from the spotlight as an excuse to let himself go. His ex Shar Jackson told US Weekly the added pounds were 'daddy weight! When you are a full time parent, sometimes you can't focus on you.'

    But his most recent weight gain in 2009 has gone above and beyond daddy weight. The former dancer reportedly drew stares when he attended a celebrity sporting event looking large-and-in-charge with a big belly. Is he hoping to join "Celebrity Fit Club"?
Marilyn Manson (#17)
  • Marilyn Manson is known for his controversial on-stage antics and shock rocker persona. But the 40-year-old's latest shock is his 2009 weight gain after his messy break-up with 21-year-old actress Evan Rachel Wood. After two years of dating, Manson sings about the painful split on his new album "The High End of Low."

    But in an interview with Spin Magazine in June, Manson seemed to be in a better place, saying, "I can laugh about it now because it's a process I went through, and I need to have a sense of humor about it."
Russell Crowe (#24)
  • Russell Crowe is back in fighting shape!

    The Aussie actor was seen sporting a hefty belly in 2008 - a far cry from his chiseled "Gladiator" look in 1999. The actor packed on the pounds to play a CIA agent opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in last year's "Body of Lies." But it looks like he's gotten back into shape for his role as Robin Hood. The actor ate food with a low glycaemic index to curb his appetite and cycled daily to lose the weight, according to the UK's Daily Mail.
Ed Westwick (#27)
  • 'Gossip Girl' star Ed Westwick may be getting too big for his Upper East Side britches. The British actor has reportedly packed on a few pounds since he first took on the role of Chuck Bass a year in 2007. "The costumers even requested that producers talk to Ed," a source told In Touch Weekly. "They don’t want [his character] Chuck to be fat!”
Jesse Metcalfe (#28)
  • Former "Desperate Housewives" hunk Jesse Metcalfe is covering up his washboard abs these days and a bit of an apparent belly hanging over his jeans may be the reason why. Metcalfe played a teenage gardener on the ABC drama whose chiseled good looks tempted Eva Longoria's housewife character into an affair. Since Metcalfe left the show, he's shown off his abs in "John Tucker Must Die," above l., but a trip to rehab in 2007 has received more buzz than his acting career.

    Metcalfe was recently seen shooting scenes for a return to "Desperate," and it looks like he may be bringing a bit more weight to his character this time around.
Seth Rogen (#29)
  • What a difference a year makes! Actor Seth Rogen showed off his slimmed-down physique at the recent 'Monsters vs Aliens' premiere, above r., in Sydney, Australia. The "Knocked Up" star looks noticeably thinner than even last fall, when his dramatic weight loss first hit headlines. The actor said at the time that he was dropping pounds for an upcoming role in "The Green Hornet," which begins shooting next month. But Rogen insists it's just for his role. He told Us Magazine last October, "I personally do not care how I look or physically feel."
Chris Tucker (#31)
  • Even action stars are scrutinized under the paparazzi lens close-up. Comedian Chris Tucker's recently filled-out figure on the red carpet sent the blogs ablaze, a decade after he showed off a slender physique in 'Rush Hour.'
Joaquin Phoenix (#34)
  • Has Joaquin Phoenix crossed the line?

    After an Oscar-nominated performance as Johnny Cash in the 2007, Phoenix appears to be walking a thinner line. The talented actor's disheveled look is just part of a 'traumatic year,' a friend told the Daily Mail online, which recently got even more bizarre with the news of a (faux) rap career.
Regarding the female celeb on their list at #47 (her name is Shaye Smith) (view photos), the author had this to say about her famous husband, movie actor Pierce Brosnan:
  • Brosnan, for his part, says he adores her figure. And in the bikini photos, taken in Hawaii in January 2008, Brosnan is sporting a few extra pounds himself. Looks like what's good for the goose is good for the gander.
Vince Vaughn (#56)
  • It starts to catch up to some men in their twenties - some get a reprieve until their thirties. All of a sudden that teenage boy metabolism is gone with no warning, and presto - you eat a lot, you get lovehandles. Vince Vaughn comes off as the kind of guy's guy who'd rather wear a skirt that spend time worrying about something vain and girly like his weight. But the body he had in 'Swingers' is then most certainly a thing of the distant past, as a Esquire magazine profile in Nov. 2008 pointed out almost as single-mindedly as Tina Fey's Vanity Fair portrait pinned her success on her downsizing, referring to him as 'puffy.' Better his face than his ego.
Matthew Perry (#58)
  • As one of the five 'Friends,' Mathew Perry's weight was on full display for 10 TV seasons, in all its fluctuating glory. He later attributed the ups and downs to his addictions to alcohol and Vicodin. 'With the drinking. I got very thin, deathly thin. . . . I got very thin on this pain medication I was taking, Vicodin,' he told Larry King in 2002, adding ' . . . you would rather take that drug than eat.' In Perry's case, a fuller face and heavier frame may be signs of health and well-being, rather than the opposite.
Boy George (#59)
  • Whatever his crimes, it's hard not to pity '80s pop star Boy George, now pudgy and forlorn in a prison cell. The 47-year-old, who was convicted in 2008 of imprisoning a male prostitute in his apartment and whose real name is George O'Dowd, is serving time in Pentonville prison in North London. He hit rock bottom after years of addiction; he was in a drug-induced rage when he chained his victim to a wall. His hit songs, including 'Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?' are still instantly recognizable pieces of pop culture. For this fallen '80s icon, his weight is probably the last thing weighing on him now.
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flea dip
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Rock Star From Mars

This slide show at ABC news is critical of William Shatner's physical appearance.

Ho, Ho--That's not Santa!

They have a photo of William Shatner with a big belly (he's on the beach wearing swim trunks) and their caption reads:
  • No, Santa hasn't taken time off to hit the beach before his big night. This little round belly belongs to actor William Shatner, 78. The star, best known as "Star Trek" legend Captain Kirk, and more recently as Denny Crane from "Boston Legal," was vacationing in Hawaii with his wife, Elizabeth Martin, Dec. 19, 2009. (Splash News)
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flea dip
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Rock Star From Mars

An entire blog that makes fun of the male body (includes celebrity males):

Marvelous Man boobs.com

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flea dip
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Rock Star From Mars

Series of news stories about Butler's chubby physique and flabby tummy:

Gerard Butler's Belly Will Be the End to Hollywood's Beauty Double Standard
  • Paparazzi pictures of 300 stud Gerard Butler looking all fat in Barbados have everyone in a tizzy.

    Finally it seems male celebrities will be held to the same impossible body standards as their female counterparts.
    Thank G*d.

    For so many years Hollywood's leading men, even of the leading and romantic varieties, have been allowed to fall into a state of disrepair after first seducing fans with their svelte physiques.

    Just look at Russell Crowe, Luke Wilson, and Vince Vaughn. This was acceptable behavior, to get all big and bloated and still play men who women fawn all over in the movies. It seems like Fatty Butler is putting this to rest.

    "From Spartan to softie: Gerard Butler packs on the holiday pounds and shows off his new beach body," reads the headline in the New York Daily News.

    "Gerard Butler packs some paunch on his Barbados holiday as his Spartan muscles become a distant memory," says the U.K.'s Daily Mail.

    Celebitchy cuts right to the chase with, "Gerard Butler shows off his gut & moobs in Barbados."

    These are the types of headlines usually reserved for female celebs like the Olsen twins, who are a constant source of speculation for being either too fat or dangerously thin.

    Jessica Simpson, who got the "Fat Jessica: Still Hot?" treatment when she gained a couple pounds last year.

    Britney Spears is only in the tabs good graces now that she has lost the weight from her Video Music Awards debacle in 2007.

    Butler needs to follow Britney's example (did you ever think anyone would say that ever?) and get back in shape and remind the public that he is a hunk of burning love.

    After all, look at what we fell in love with? His role in 300 was predicated more on his abdominals than it was his acting ability, and that's what we want.

    Sorry, we're not going to lobby for more lax standards for celebrities. If they want to be famous, they have to pay the price by being famously fit.

    After all, if we want to look at people carrying a bit of fat around the midsection we'll start following politics. Other than starring in movies and TV shows and making albums, stars have nothing else to do but go to the gym and eat right.

    They also have money and the access to afford the best trainers, nutritionist, yoga instructors, or surgery, if it really comes to that.

    And part of their job description is to be more beautiful than the fatties that we see every Saturday at the mall buying bigger sweatpants.

    No matter what you might say about Madonna's scary arms, she managed to keep a stellar body into her 50s. Same with Jamie Lee Curtis, Demi Moore (not quite fifty), and even Sally Boniva Field!

    These women know that maintaining a career as an actress means being held up to nearly impossible standards, and it's finally time for the men to join in.

    Hear that, Val Kilmer? Better get to the gym, Alec Baldwin. Robert Downey Jr and Brad Pitt are still rocking killer bodies well into their prime, and that is going to be the standard for the future. That means Zac Efron will never eat another piece of chocolate cake in his life, but such is the price of fame.

    The Star cover above, while predominantly concerned with women, also includes some men, which shows that they are starting to get the heat for looking good in public as well.

    Let's hope that Gerard is the final nail in that coffin. We're just sick of seeing man boobs with the men behind them getting a free pass from public ridicule.

Gerard Butler Is Sparse On The Muscles
  • [snip photo]Looks like ©hunky Gerard Butler dipped a little too much in egg nog over the holidays!

    If you recall, it wasn't too long ago when he ripped onto the scene as the hunky Spartan in 300 which caused millions of women to swoon.

    But, like the rest of us, Butler has a food weakness and has packed on the pounds.

    We snapped him vacationing in Barbados with a paunch and moobs. But, if you look closely to the pics (like we have) you can see the faint traces of his former six pack.

    We're confident though that Gerard will be back in fighting form soon enough.
Gerard Butler Shows Off Barbados Beach Belly

Gerard Butler packs some paunch on his Barbados holiday as his Spartan muscles become a distant memory
  • Only three years ago he was the hunky Spartan whose rippling torso caused an excitable frenzy among millions of women.

    But Gerard Butler appears to have succumbed to the calorific excesses of the Christmas period and alarmingly piled on the pounds.

    View Butler out of shape Photo

    Butler, 40, was snapped on the beach in Barbados yesterday enjoying a warm and sunny start to the New Year after spending the Christmas period skiing in Aspen and a cold New Year's Eve in New York.

    But long gone is the taut and toned abdomen he showed off with pride in the film 300, and in its place is a flabby big belly that hung over his swimming shorts.

    In a pair of loud pink patterned shorts, he wandered down to the ocean's edge with a female friend for a dip and there was no denying the paunch that hung over the top of his trunks.

    It was certainly a far cry from his role as muscular Spartan King Leonidas in 300, the film adaptation of the graphic novel, in which Gerard's Leonidas go to war against the Persians.

    But the only battle Gerard will soon have on his hands will be one with the treadmill.

    The actor will surely be ordered to get back in shape ahead of international promotional work for his upcoming films.

    However, for now he's letting it all hang out - quite literally - on the Caribbean island with some friends, as he spent his first day of his holiday relaxing on the beach.

    But he seemed a little embarrassed to be caught by the paparazzi as he made his way back to his resort and rubbed himself dry.

Gerard Butler Puts on a Few Holiday Pounds

Gerard Butler -- New Year's Resolution?

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flea dip
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Rock Star From Mars

Males also feel pressure to stay skinny, and they get hounded for extra weight, it's not just the females:

Federline: 'K-Fat' nickname was a wake-up call

Kevin Federline: Being Called 'K-Fat' Made Me Lose Weight

Kevin Federline: Depression Led to Overeating

Kevin Federline: 'I was way, way overweight'

Kevin Federline: I Weighed "Over 240" Lbs!
  • Kevin Federline says it was hard seeing flabby photos of himself, especially the much-published shot of him playing golf last July in California.

    "When I saw this picture, I did not think that I was that big," he tells Entertainment Tonight. "I thought it was Photoshopped, you know? And then I realized that I was just letting myself go."

    Adds the dancer-rapper, 31: "I looked pregnant. When I see pictures [of me] like that and people are calling me K- Fat, I had to do something about it. At my biggest, I was over 240."

    He says he packed on all the pounds due to personal stresses, including a 2006 divorce from Britney Spears. "I went through a lot of things," he says. "I definitely say that those things contributed to me gaining weight for sure."

    He says his children were one of the main reasons he signed on for VH1's Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp, which premieres Monday. He says he couldn't keep up with them during play dates. Adds the rapper, "I could barely make it up the hill on the side of my house."

    Though he can't reveal how much weight he has lost, he says he is pleased with his new shape.

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flea dip
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Rock Star From Mars

Spanx for Men - The Wait Is Over

People: Kevin Smith peeved after airline says he's too big for one seat

Is Silent Bob too fat to fly Southwest?

Kevin Smith fuels row over "fat" plane passengers

Spanx for Men: Spanx Men's Line Now Available for Pre-Orders

Spanx For Men Coming Soon
  • Men, stop sucking it in!

    It's hard to find a woman who isn't totally in love with Spanx. Even the super skinny ladies need to hold it all together when wearing an uber-tight dress. But nobody ever thinks about how the men feel in their clothing. Until now. Spanx for men will soon be available!

    Would your guy wear Spanx? You have to admit, he has a bit of a beer belly. Or maybe his undershirt just always looks rumbled and bulky under his nice button-down shirt. There's absolutely no need to be ashamed- Spanx for men are here to help!

    According to the Spanx company, the undershirts will "comfortably firm the chest, flatten the stomach, improve posture and eliminate bulk under clothes." They look like your typical men's undershirt, but are cotton compression, making them super functional.

    Apanx founder Sara Blakely says she developed Spanx because the men in her life have been asking for a shirt that will help eliminate the appearance of love handles. She says, "Men's undershirts have been underperforming for as long as they've been around, with stretched-out necks and bulky cuts that do nothing for the male physique." It's so true!

    Spanx for men will be officially launching in Nordstrom's on March 15, but you can already pre-order on the Spanx website. The undershirts come in three styles: tank for $55, crew-neck for $58 and V-neck for $58 in black or white. Totally worth the price if you can convince your guy to wear them. Hey, at least they're not panty-hose. I don't see why a guy wouldn't want an undershirt that makes him look a little sleeker!
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flea dip
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I'm not going to paste in the entire list; you'll have to click the link if you want to see the whole thing.

(The people who wrote this list refer to Rush Limbaugh as a "fat ass," but due to dieting, Limbaugh has lost a lot of weight and is actually quite thin now.)

They make fun of men who have gotten chubby. So much for the notion that only females get ridiculed or criticized for physical appearance.

The 100 Unsexiest Men of the Year
  • 100. Justin Bieber
    16 will get you 20

    There is nothing sexy about 16 year old boys . Say it with us, frustrated soccer moms of America: unless you’re a Catholic priest, ... READ MORE
    # [Steven Tyler]
    97. Steven Tyler
    Dude Looks Like an Old Lady

    When Steven Tyler wasn’t injuring himself falling off stages, his on-again, off-again relationship with Aerosmith was so confusing that even his bandmates weren’t sure if he was... READ MORE
    92. Jeremy Piven
    Mercurial Actor

    Hey, kids: careful what you eat and drink! If you consume too much fish, like bizarre actor Jeremy Piven claims he did (twice a day for 20 years!),... READ MORE
    88. Shaun White
    Face Plant

    This US gold-medal snowboarder has no competition . . . when it comes to looking like a cross between Carrot Top and Rocky Dennis. LOOKS... READ MORE
    76. Michael Lohan
    Daddy Drunkest

    This “born-again” deadbeat claims to be clean, but we think he must still be on something to be pitching a reality show based on Jon Gosselin ex-girlfriends, an... READ MORE
    74. Robert Pattinson
    P*ssy Abhor

    Already haunted by reports that he smells funny, the Twilight -franchise star recently told Details magazine that “I really hate vaginas. I’m allergic to vagina.”... READ MORE
    73. Bob Harper
    Elephant Trainer

    REASON(S) HE’S ON THE LIST This modern-day Richard Simmons plays good cop to Jillian Michaels’ bad cop while slimming down America’s fatties on The Biggest Loser. And, it’s true, women cling to him: obese, blubbering, sobbing, sweaty women with self-esteem issues. If he wasn’t genuinely trying to save these lard-asses’ lives, his methods might come off as abusive and downright creepy. As it is, when people ask us “Who’s the biggest loser?” we’re pointing at this guy.

    LOOKS LIKE Puck from Real World: San Francisco
    71. Gary Coleman
    What’choo Gawking at, Willis?

    REASON(S) HE’S ON THE LIST While trying to break up a fight on a locker-room set of the no-budget comedy Midgets vs. Mascots (exactly what it sounds like), Coleman’s robe flew open — revealing his, er, Willis.

    He tried to get the full-frontal footage removed from the faux-reality flick, but the producers stood firm: the mini-member stayed in the picture. Later, Coleman’s arrest on a domestic-violence-related charge gave us the most terrifying mugshot since Nick Nolte’s.

    Bonus features? After an interviewer from The Insider asked about the domestic incident, we got another viral-video masterpiece of Coleman storming off the set in a profanity-laced tirade.

    LOOKS LIKE We really don’t want to know, actually
    68. John Travolta

    REASON(S) HE’S ON THE LIST It may be no coincidence that the Travolta-spearheaded adaptation of L. Ron Hubbard’s Battlefield Earth (remember John and Forest Whitaker in Klingon drag?) was recently named the worst movie of the decade, prompting a public apology from the screenwriter.

    This Scientology apologist spent the past year trying to pull off an even worse look — a badass goatee that felt more sad-ass, with (The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3) or without (From Paris With Love) the rest of his hair.

    LOOKS LIKE Goldberg minus the muscles
    next next
    65. Luke Wilson
    Husky hypeman

    REASON(S) HE’S ON THE LIST It happened so quietly, you might not even have noticed, but sometime around the end of last year, former film star Luke Wilson pudged out and went from being “the guy who was in Old School and Bottle Rocket” to “the guy from the AT&T commercials.”

    Meanwhile, his crooked-nosed brother Owen is headed for top-dog status on the silver screen. What the hell happened?

    LOOKS LIKE He should be a pitchman for Krispy Kreme
    62. Mario Lopez
    Extra creepy

    REASON(S) HE’S ON THE LIST Look, no one over age 10 should have those dimples. As one Internet commenter described the Saved by the Bell star turned Extra host, “his lower abdomen makes me uncomfortable . . . and something about his face has always reminded me of a little kid who is really proud of himself for taking a bowel movement.”

    We sentence him to several years of Flip-camming his way through D-list celebrity parties, trying to make them look like fun. Oh, wait — never mind, he’s already there.

    LOOKS LIKE No one ever told him how untalented he is
    53. Jon Gosselin
    Tabloid Trash

    REASON(S) HE’S ON THE LIST Following his divorce from fellow reality-TV leech Kate, Gosselin left his brood of eight children to launch a mid-life crisis for the record books. His dating pool has included the daughter of his ex-wife’s plastic surgeon and the tabloid reporter that the Star sent to, ahem, “cover” him. Ruddy-faced and bloated, this absentee dad now seems to focus his time on scoring Ed Hardy tees, smoking, convincing paparazzi that he’s worth stalking, and avoiding venereal diseases.

    LOOKS LIKE William Hung
    52. Tucker Max

    REASON(S) HE’S ON THE LIST Picketed by campus feminists who paint him as the patron saint of date-raping frat boys, and voted the second-biggest “Douche of the Decade” by the readers of Gawker, this blogger-turned-memoirist recently produced a Hollywood flop based on his best-selling, allegedly nonfiction book I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell.

    The New York Times summed up one chapter thusly: “Mr. Max cannot decide whether to have sex with a woman who is pregnant with his child and has just learned she has ovarian cancer or with a married woman who recently had a miscarriage.”

    One Gawker scribe simply called him a “horrible piece of garbage,” “a frightened little wuss who has to treat people badly because he thinks his mommy stole his penis,” and “a thug, an unimaginative punk, and, at heart, a tiny little vapor.”

    LOOKS LIKE Apatow Cheese
    51. Bill Clinton
    Operation Keep It in His Pants

    REASON(S) HE’S ON THE LIST Bill Clinton’s penis famously wrecked the first Clinton presidency; in 2008 it may have wrecked Hillary’s before she could even get elected. According to the tell-all chronicle Game Change, her campaign team had a “war room within a war room” just to deal with Bill’s “libido.”

    And when the campaign wasn’t tripping over his d!ck, Bill was sticking his foot in his mouth: he lost the support of the late Ted Kennedy by saying, of Obama, “A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee.”

    Of all the honkey-ass politicians who could’ve unleashed the black-coffee code-word, did it really have to be our “first black president”?

    LOOKS LIKE A slightly more dignified Gary Busey
    38. Guy Fieri
    Frosted Flake

    REASON(S) HE’S ON THE LIST Everything about this guy screams “douche”: the spiky, frosted hair; the chunky-brah wardrobe, the shades, the lingo, the tri-tone goatee.

    What, exactly, qualifies him for his job?

    His uncanny knack for overacting while telling some greasy-spoon owner how good his eggs are?

    Given his looks, might we suggest that Guy would be better served applying to be Godsmack’s limo-driver?

    LOOKS LIKE The oldest Pacific Sunwear employee ever
    31. Artie Lange
    Stabbie the Poke Man

    REASON(S) HE’S ON THE LIST Poor Artie. When Howard Stern fans told him to trim the fat, they didn’t mean to carve it out of his abdomen with a knife.

    It’s not as bad as all that, man: fat comedians with expendable income are the reason strip clubs were invented.

    LOOKS LIKE John Belushi in the middle of a horrible sushi accident
    30. Charlie Sheen
    Two and a Half Kilos

    REASON(S) HE’S ON THE LIST Aided by the Hollywood PR machine and a sense of entitlement that can only come out of an LA acting family, Sheen managed to fool Middle America into believing he had cleaned up his vodka-swillin’, Fleiss-girl-bangin’, coke-snortin’ act.

    But then — in what was perhaps a drug-induced flashback to the set of Platoon — according to a police affidavit, he allegedly attacked his wife, holding a knife to her throat and threatening to kill her.

    LOOKS LIKE He’s not going to be hawking T-shirts with Michael Jordan any time soon
    26. Levi Johnston
    Vlad the Impalinator

    REASON(S) HE’S ON THE LIST Slimy Alaskan became a right-wing puppet as the happy teenage dad of Sarah Palin’s grandson.

    Then, after McCain-Palin crapped out, he left his family.

    Far more revolting, though, was when he capitalized on his “mistake” by shilling for pistachio nuts in a TV commercial, the punch line of which makes light of his unplanned baby. (“Now Levi Johnston does it with protection.”)

    LOOKS LIKE A hockey mom’s wet dream
    23. Adam Lambert
    Ziggy Fartdust

    REASON(S) HE’S ON THE LIST His sexual preference? Fine by us: our only regret about his American Music Awards performance is that he didn’t leash up and hump Ryan Seacrest.

    But girlfriend, the wardrobe? Is that from your Broadway stint in Hot Topic: The Musical?

    And maybe you want to think about a different singing face: this one looks like someone Photoshopped Gene Simmons’s tongue onto Groucho Marx’s eyebrows.

    What do we want from you, Adam? To paraphrase Motley Crue: don’t go away mad — just go away.

    LOOKS LIKE He puts the “Off” in “Off-Broadway”
    20. Corey Feldman
    One Corey

    REASON(S) HE’S ON THE LIST Dear God: are you sure you didn’t take the wrong Corey?

    LOOKS LIKE Death warmed over
    6. Jesse James
    Heil on Wheels

    REASON(S) HE’S ON THE LIST Chopper customizer cheated on America’s sweetheart Sandra Bullock in a reported nearly year-long affair with an alleged white supremacist, foot-fetishist Suicide Girl–type stripper named Bombshell who has posed semi-nude in Nazi regalia.

    LOOKS LIKE He secretly rides rice burners
    5. John Mayer
    Generic Clapton

    REASON(S) HE’S ON THE LIST We weren’t surprised to hear that Mayer is a chronic masturbator. (Um, have you seen him play guitar?) But this white blues pretender also told Playboy he doesn’t date black women because his “d*ck is sort of like a white supremacist.”

    LOOKS LIKE He could use a looser grip on the neck of his instrument
    3. John Edwards
    Philanderer in Chief

    REASON(S) HE’S ON THE LIST Brought comfort to his cancer-ridden wife by impregnating a campaign “aide,” then made a married pal take the fall for the love child. Thankfully, and tellingly, nobody’s even thinking of shopping this sex tape.

    LOOKS LIKE A cross between John Denver and Kenneth the Page
    1. Tiger Woods
    Happy Drillmore

    REASON(S) HE’S ON THE LIST Nike’s robotically perfect pitchman took that whole “Just Do It” slogan a smidge too literally— with virtually any hooker, cocktail waitress, golf groupie, substitute teacher, den mother, and rodeo clown within a chip shot of his 5-iron. Making matters worse, to repair his nuked image, he hired evil former Bush White House press secretary Ari Fleischer as his public-relations caddy.

    LOOKS LIKE Mr. Always Has His Hat On could use some Rogaine
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There are males on this list

To Photoshop or Not...That is the Question
  • Doctored Celebrity Photos
    Don't always believe what you see when it comes to photos.

    [snip Men's Fitness magazine cover]

    The June/July issue of Men's Fitness enhanced Andy Roddick's bicep muscles — so much so that Roddick said he stopped in his tracks when he saw the cover while walking through the airport. The tennis star dubbed the hulking masses "22-inch guns" and wrote on his blog, "If you can manage to stop laughing at the cover long enough, check out the article inside." (Men's Fitness)

    [snip pic]
    French President Nicholas Sarkozy got a little extra lovin' from French mag Paris Match when it came to the politician's love handles. The mag decided to shave a little off the side of Sarkozy, who was shown paddling in Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire while he was on vacation last summer. (Paris Match/ Reuters )
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I've seen links here and there this past week that are critical of actor Brendan Fraser's weight gain.

I saw a movie trailer this past week (for a film called "MacGruber") with Val Kilmer in it. Kilmer has gotten chunky, and he looks haggard - and unappealing.


Actor Brendan Fraser says packing on the pounds for Furry Vengeance was fun
  • Furry Vengeance came to San Jose this week, complete with a slightly tubby Brendan Fraser playing a paunchy real estate developer pitched against the woodland creatures he's trying to displace.

    Actor Brendan Fraser had to pack on the meat for his new role in the film, a family movie that features tons of physical comedy. As he's made the interview circuit this week, he admits that packing on those pounds was fun.
Brendan Fraser bulked up to get `bigger butt

Brendan Fraser Forced To Become A Fatty For New Role

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This article (by a man) says that women face more pressure than men (in his opinion), but that men face some pressure when it comes to physical appearance:

Women and body image: a man's perspective

  • By William Leith

    ....Men are not at the mercy of corporate manipulation on remotely this scale. Sure, there are six-packs creeping into our field of vision every so often. And, sure, this is making us feel insecure. I know – I was fat, and it's no fun being fat, especially with all those pictures of Brad Pitt nagging away.

    And then there are the adverts for Lynx, and the Reebok advert in which a man is chased around town by a big fat hairy belly.
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There are a few unattractive ladies on the list who are with cute guys, but there seem to be more 'pretty ladies with ugly guys' on the list.

I'm not even sure who some of these people are, because who ever put this thing together did not list the names by each photo.

Sexy Celebrities with Ugly Significant Others: A Field Guide » sigh [photo slide show]

Okay, if I look at each file name, the last names of each person is listed (but even with their names, I still don't know who they are).

Here are a few of the "pretty women with ugly men" names on the list:
  • [Christina] aguilera - bratman.jpg

    salman-rushdie-wtf.jpg - (the name of the lady with him is not listed, but she does look pretty)


    lima-jaric.jpg - (I have no idea who either one is. The guy looks like a messed up version of X-Files David Duchovny)

    strahovski-loden.jpg - (have no idea who they are)

    ocasek [ lead singer of the band The Cars] -is married to -porizkova [female model]

    marisa-griffin-guess.jpg - (have no idea who they are)
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Five Things We're Making Fatter
  • #3 You're Letting Actors Get Fat

    [snip photo of over weight Val Kilmer]

    But f*ck Kevin Bacon's theoretical secondhand fatass; you've already done it for real. You've made Russell Crowe fat. And John Travolta. And Denzel Washington. Three men who were once ubuer-sex symbols are now nothing more than chubby leading men and it's because we decided it was OK.

    Crowe started out as a muscular everyman; woman wanted to sleep with him and men wanted to have quick enough reflexes to dodge the phones he threw at them.

    Over the last few years Crowe started piling on the pounds, but still always managed to lose them in time for his next big role.

    Then he got cast in Robin Hood, directed by Ridley Scott, thus recreating the same team that brought us the eye candy-fest that was Gladiator.

    Now, it's been 10 years since Gladiator; he can't realistically be in the same shape. But surely Russell got back into some kind of fighting form for Robin Hood. After all he's only 46, he had plenty of time to prepare and...

    [snip photos of Crowe]


    Recently, audiences have been accepting sex symbols that have gone to seed, in roles they are no longer physically accurate for, presumably because even having that little tubbiness still makes Crowe look like a sex-god compared to the veritable truckstop diner that the rest of the Earth is becoming. Oh, but still: No fat chicks. Sorry, ladies.

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The 18 celebrities who aged most horribly

Several males are on their list, including
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Billy Crystal
    Val Kilmer
    Keith Richards
    Ozzy Osbourne
    Al Pacino
    Mickey Rourke
    Jack Nicholson
    Nick Nolte
    Neil Young
    Marlon Brando

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Men are under pressure to look good and in shape, too.

Welcome to the era of the buffed actor
  • Rippling biceps, six-pack abs now the rule, not the exception, in Hollywood

    by Michael Ventre

    Mike Torchia, personal trainer extraordinaire, remembers working with Kevin Spacey on the 2000 film “Ordinary Decent Criminal,” shot in Dublin, Ireland. Spacey lived in a beautiful estate during the production, and Torchia was not only his exercise guru, but also his personal chef.

    “When I got there, in the cabinets he had all this pasta and Paul Newman Sockarooni sauce,” Torchia said. “He was used to having a big bowl of pasta and a half a jar of Sockarooni sauce with cheese on it every night. I threw everything out one day. When Kevin came home, he said, ‘Where’s my pasta?’ He flipped. ‘What am I gonna do?’”

    Then Torchia told him what he was going to do: Work out hard, eat right (no carbs or sugar), and eventually reduce his 23.8 percent body fat to eight percent.

    Spacey may not seem like the prototypical Hollywood action hero, but that’s the point. The Era of the Buffed Actor is upon us, which means no significant male leading role is exempted from the expectation that he have rippling biceps and six-pack abs. That’s Hollywood.

    Whether it be Matt Damon in the “Bourne” films, Jake Gyllenhaal in “Prince of Persia,” Russell Crowe in “Robin Hood,” Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner in the “Twilight” series, Robert Downey Jr. in the “Iron Man” pictures, or many others, flab is clearly not fab.

    Personal trainer Michael Torchia shares the 4-day split workout program he uses when getting celebrities ready to play hard-bodied heroes.

    Actors in action or physically demanding roles are defined these days by their definition.

    “There’s been a fitness craze in this country for the past decade, and we have come to define fitness by its most visible feature — the hardened body, even though it could just as easily be cholesterol count, blood pressure, etc.,” said Susan Jeffords, professor and pop culture expert at the University of Washington-Bothell and author of the book, “Hard Bodies: Hollywood Masculinity in the Reagan Era.”

    “We’re a visual culture,” she explained, “and we look for external signs of our selves. You can hear the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ in the theater when a male star removes his shirt to reveal hardened abs and well-defined arm muscles. This is even true for women, where you can hear men in the audience admiring Angelina Jolie’s arms in ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith.’ It’s not ‘essential’ for all film roles, but it’s a pretty sure feature of any action-adventure movie.”

    Hardbodies part of the landscape

    Pity the poor marketing department handling an action film in Hollywood these days that doesn’t fill its poster or trailer imagery with enough flexed arms and granite abdomens to shame a Mr. Universe contest. Perfect male bodies are part of the Hollywood landscape now, especially when it comes to roles that require a certain amount of butt-kicking prowess. Yet sometimes it’s more than that.

    “I do think audiences come with certain expectations for action heroes,” noted Betsy Sharkey, film critic for the Los Angeles Times. “It’s just more than muscle sometimes.

    Tobey Maguire’s ‘Spider-Man’ and Shia LaBeouf in ‘Transformers’ are wiry and fall into the ‘boy-next-door’ category of reluctant hero that audiences definitely embrace just as much as the Gerard Butler’s of the six-pack-ab world.

    “But on the scale, the ab crowd is certainly winning. When Arnold Schwarzenegger first came on the scene, he was unusual. Now it’s unusual for an action hero not to be body-building fit, or close.”

    If you want to travel into movie-making’s past, you could probably cite many examples in which the hero was sculpted like a Greek god.

    Charlton Heston in “Ben-Hur” (1959) is a classic example.

    Ditto for Kirk Douglas in “Spartacus” (1960). Later came Arnold in the “Terminator” films, and Sylvester Stallone in the “Rocky” and “Rambo” testosterone fests.

    But in recent years, it seems that most roles with even a little action come with puffed pecs, and those actors are being marketed as sexy muscular hunks like never before. It seems to be not simply the selling of eye candy, but rather Hollywood’s manifestation of a cultural phenomenon.

    “It does seem that if you get an action role these days, you’re facing about six months of extreme boot camp to get that sort of physical definition,” Sharkey explained. “If only as much time as spent on the script, the beautiful bods might not be so distracting.

    “But it’s not just the movies who are to blame for the growing obsession with [male] physical perfection, it’s all the celebrity magazines who fill their pages each week with shots of actors, many of them at beaches. If they don’t look buff, there will be a caption that says so — or a cover story — on what happened. It’s as if having anything but that hard-body perfection is a crime.”

    Eivind Figenschau Skjellum is the founder of masculinity-movies.com. He believes this proliferation of perfectly crafted bodies in movies is the result of something more basic in the evolution of mankind.

    Return of the alpha male

    “Back in the old days, before civilization as we know it arose, men were the hunters and the guardians of the family and the tribe,” he said. “The man who possessed the best physique, the most able body, was the best man for a woman to be with, for he could protect her better than the weaker man, and thus she could carry forward children under relative safety. It was an era that belonged to the alpha man.

    “It is because of our need to breed that we like our heroes to be alpha men. It is what makes him a hero, to defeat the obstacles and achieve the goal in service of his family, his country and mankind.”

    And that’s where guys like Torchia come in.

    One of the top personal trainers in Hollywood (operationfitness.com), he prepared Damon for his work in all three “Bourne” installments, and has also worked with Al Pacino, Kim Cattrell and many others. Torchia said the muscles you see on the screen are the result of a comprehensive lifestyle program, not just a few hours in the gym.

    He reads the script for the film, then connects with the actor and helps the actor connect with the character he will play with the new, improved body he will soon develop.

    “I not only want the character to look the part, but I want the actor to feel what the character feels,” he explained. “I connect with my clients and get into their heads. They become so excited about being powerful.

    “Matt Damon said to me, ‘You’ve made me become Jason Bourne.’ I help them connect to being physically strong, so when Matt played Jason Bourne he felt he could take on six men.”

    Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, an actor playing a part similar to the one Damon played in the “Bourne” franchise will have to look like he can do just that, because audiences expect nothing less now.

    “The whole idea of training oneself into great shape has completely embedded itself in the culture now,” said the L.A. Times’ Sharkey. “Look at ‘The Biggest Loser,’ with its obese contestants turning into stars as they get into shape.

    “But as obsessions go, you could do worse than having fitness, and the training it takes to get close to perfection, at the top of your addiction list.”
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From time to time, an average joe on the web will make snarky comments about famous males, or make negative judgments about that person's physical appearance.

From a thread about Mel Gibson at another site, one person left this remark:
  • If this it true, then Mel is no better than those South African thugs he took on in Legal Wreckin 2.

    As for his career, he seems to be semi-retired from acting anyway. He’s aged pretty badly in the last 15 years, so the leading man offers have been fewer in number. The heavy drinking, smoking, and bad hairpiece haven’t helped matters.

    Doughboy on July 2, 2010 at 2:03 PM
From another page about Gibson ("What does latest Mel Gibson rant mean for his career?"):
  • Who even cares about Mel Gibson anymore? He's a crusty, dried up, old prune.

    Posted by: Lilith | July 13, 2010 at 03:17 PM
  • His [Mel Gibson's] career may be over but I’ll bet it’s not for this reason. He is just getting too old for the type of roles he’s been playing. ...

    jeanie on July 13, 2010 at 5:10 PM
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Rock Star From Mars

This refers to Jagger as "aging," and mentions that his face is "craggy."

  • Wednesday July 7,2010
    By Anil Dawar

    HE’S the lead singer of the biggest rock ’n’ roll band in the world – so you’d think he’d be no stranger to a bit of noise.

    But Sir Mick Jagger turns 67 later this month and it seems there are some sounds that get on even his ageing nerves.

    Like movie star Leonardo DiCaprio blowing on one of those wretched vuvuzelas, for example.

    The Rolling Stones frontman, always more of a cricket fan, was with his son Lucas, 11, in Cape Town for the World Cup quarter-final between Germany and Argentina on Saturday.

    The pair were in front of the 35-year-old Titanic actor, who was armed with a bright red vuvuzela. As the South Americans slumped to a 4-0 defeat, DiCaprio, who is half-German, could not contain his joy and blew a specially loud toot.

    Craggy-faced Jagger stared straight ahead, wearing a furious expression, and put his hand over his ear to blot out the noise.

    Such rowdiness wouldn’t happen at the cricket, would it Sir Mick?
(funny photo of Mick Jagger, hosted at Daily Mail)
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