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Harry "The Hammer" Stone; Oldest ride, longest line baby!
Topic Started: Jun 7 2013, 09:15 AM (120 Views)
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Ring Name
“The Hammer” Harry Stone

Real Name
Harry Morgan Stone


Billed from
Charlotte, North Carolina


Ric Flair

Posted Image


243 lbs



Known affiliates?
“Old School” Terry Roberts

Wrestling style
(Brawler, Powerhouse, Technical, Cheater?)
Showman, Dirty

Entrance theme
“U can’t touch this” Mc Hammer

Entrance description


MC Hammer hits the PA, and the fans all boo, but whether they’re booing Stone or MC Hammer isn’t immediately clear. Stone walks out in a ridiculously over the top rope, twirling in a somewhat manly fashion, before strutting down the ramp shouting “Wooo” a lot. He climbs the steps, again as a total strutfest, before badgering Thomas Harrison from the apron until he sits on the middle rope for him. He walks into the ring, before twirling around again, still shouting “Wooo” a lot.

Ring attire

Common Moves
Chop Block
Knee Drop
Flair Flip
Back Suplex
Eye Gouge
Stalling Suplex

Top of the Match Moves
Flair Flop
Elbow Drop
Double Underhook Suplex

Signature Moves
Knife Edge Chops
Flair Flop
Low Blow

Finishing Maneuvers
Hammer Time (Polish Hammer)
Set in Stone (Figure Four Leglock)

Harry is surprisingly energetic when the lights on him, so despite his age is obviously never admitting to being “too old” to do something.
Has been in the business since 1972 so he knows all sorts of tricks, usually dirty and underhanded.
Pain resistance.

While Harry might not feel like he is 64, old age is gaining up on him, he is not as good as he used to be even if he claims otherwise.
Ridiculous risk taker, anything for a good show, high risk moves (which he fails) Bleeds like a stuck pig and still puts his aging body on the line like he was 22.


Harry Stone has been a big name marquee player for over 40 years and won countless championships around the world, he is even more renown of his debauchery outside the ring, incurable womanizer who prefers his women with a full chest and a empty head. He has never denied a drink or any other party favor and lives life to the fullest. Nothing in this world is free but having scammed promoters and his fans for decades Harry has managed to keep up with his flush lifestyle despite countless divorces, plenty of debt from less than successful finance handling.

Past achievements
More than anybody ever.

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