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E3 2017
Topic Started: June 15, 2017, 6:44 pm (120 Views)
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So with E3 recently happening, I thought it'd be interesting to make a topic about it. Any announcements or reveals that stuck out to you, be it exciting, odd, or simply intriguing? Also feel free to discuss anything about the press conferences themselves, if you'd like.

In case you want a quick rundown of what was announced at each conference, here are links that compile each conference's trailers, along with a brief writeup at the start on the conference itself (I'm listing these in the order of when the conferences happened):

EA's trailers

Microsoft's trailers

Bethesda's trailers

Devolver Digital's entire press conference (It's only 15 minutes, and fairly entertaining.)

PC Gaming Show's trailers

Ubisoft's trailers

Sony's trailers

Nintendo's trailers (They also announced a Metroid II remake afterward, alongside live gameplay of it)
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your bae
This year's E3 felt very... "meh" for me. Ubisoft's was really good, but I was really hoping that Sony would blow everyone away like last year but... they didn't. The only exciting/interesting things I found this E3 was A Way Out, from EA's conference. Being able to play the entire game in co-op mode is really interesting to me. I was also excited to hear about The Evil Within 2 announced! I felt like the first was severly underrated and this one looks just as amazing (Also, coming out on Friday the 13th 2017! How awesome is that?).

From Sony's conference, I'm excited for Days Gone. The gameplay demo looks absolutely amazing! I know everyone has said this, but it seriously reminds me of The Last of Us! Also, those giant hordes of zombies and the enviroments look great graphically. Detroit: Become Human looks fantastic as well! I'm sucker for choose your own adventure games especially ones like Heavy Rain and Until Dawn and this one looks just as amazing. The new God of War is good, too! I'm super into the new direction they're going in with this one. It's no longer a top down, beat 'em but something much more cinematic and grounded. And that Spiderman game! Combat reminds me of an Arkham game but with a much lighter batman. Looks great.

I wasn't really into Nintendo's conference, but I was bit excited that they announced a main series Pokemon game on the Switch, even though we pracically already knew it was coming.

Those are basically my thoughts about this year's E3. I hope next year will better. What'd you think?
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I kinda agree it was a bit underwhelming compared to a lot of other E3s. I feel like there were some really neat games shown off and a few good new announcements, but there weren't as many big ones.

My favorite press conference was probably Nintendo's, which makes sense, given their games probably tend to appeal to me the most consistently of the press conferences (definitely been some exiting things in others in the past as well, though). I'm pretty curious about the Pokemon in development for switch, but the announcement itself was pretty underwhelming. Just a simple "we're making a core Pokemon game for the switch". no info on the game itself, or even a teaser trailer. The two Metroid game announcements (Metroid Prime 4 and the remake of Metroid II) definitely excited a lot of people, and I'm pretty glad about them too, but in my case, they didn't excite me quite as much since I've still yet to play most of the Metroid games despite owning a few of them (partly due to my brother being a fan). Seems like a series I'd really enjoy based on what little I've seen and played though, so definitely possible I'd play 'em all eventually. The Metroid II remake looked really nice based on the gameplay they showed off as well. The new Kirby game looks pretty good too, though perhaps a little too similar-looking to the two on 3DS overall. Still likely to enjoy it though, since I liked those 3DS ones, and it was neat seeing that they're bringing back the power-combining mechanic. The Yoshi game also looked interesting, but I'd need to see more first, since I've heard mixed things about the more recent Yoshi games (I like Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's Story a good amount, though).

What actually excited me the most was the new Super Mario Odyssey trailer and gameplay footage they showed. It's not a new game announcement like some of the others, but before E3, it was a game I was curious about, but on the fence about; what they showed at E3 completely sold me and got me excited. I think the big things is that it really seemed like they put a lot of effort into aspects I really value, like having a strong sense of exploration and discovery within a world that's somewhat open, but not TOO open, and still fairly dense with content (much as Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine were). I also really liked the general vibe the game gave off, since it seemed very full of personality, and with a sense of playfulness at times. The newly revealed mechanic of being able to take control of enemies (and certain NPCs and objects) with the hat partner-thing also seemed really neat to me, especially since it seems like there's a large variety of stuff you can do it with, so if it's as varied as it looks in the trailer, I can imagine it remaining fresh for awhile, and adding to the game's sense of discovery. Anyway, game looks really good from what I saw; I'd say it's probably the most excited I've been about a Super Mario platforming game since Sunshine.

Far as other conferences go, there isn't too much that sticks out as definite buys for me, but there were some that looked pretty interesting or impressive based on their trailers. Guess I'll go through each conference quick.




Devolver Digital

PC Gaming Show


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It really wasn't that great,that's why I missed a lot,the only ones I was actually interested in were the conferences of Nintendo and Microsoft.

I tried to watch EA but I really dislike Need for Speed and Sports Games.

Bethesda was a big dissappointment.I don't think it was worth it to show the Payed DLCs in an event like that.And I don't care about the VR Games,it was obvious that Fallout would get one and I played enough Fallout 4,this isn't enough. But the Wolfenstein trailer was suprisingly funny to watch.Since I'm German,the whole thing was much more interesting and I want to play the previos games now.

The Microsoft conference was OK,the new Xbox looks nice and backwards compatibility is great,but the new games aren't that interesting.

Just like everyone else I enjoyed Devolver,but I never really played one of their games,and it looks like it won't change.

I enjoyed Nintendo the most,but that's nothing new since I grew up with them.The Zelda DLCs are nice(I really recommend it in case you haven't played it yet,I already have 60-70 hours and I have only beaten 3 divine beasts) Mostly the 2nd one,I don't care much about the harder gameplay.
I never played a Metroid game so I can't such much 'bout that.
Meanwhile I can't see Pokemon anymore.I still enjoyed playing Omega Ruby some months ago but it's starting to annoy me,I think Ultra Sun and Moon are absolutely unnecessary.

Well,I'm getting more excited for Mario the more things are reveiled,Reggies "If it's not fun,why bother?" really suits the game.It looks really creative,just like the good ol' Mario games,not like a New Super Mario 3D Bros Land game.Instead of just 1 new outfit like the cat outfit you can transform into almost everything. And there are some interesting locations,like the city or the jungle.

I'm happy that there's no Smash Port.I hope it means they might work on a new one instead of a Smash Bros. Deluxe for Switch.

The last thing would be Xenoblade 2.I just started the 1st one so I'm not really excited.And I don't like the Cartoony Style of the characters.The English Voice Acting was really bad in my opinion and I really hope it has Dual Voices and it's really not worth to import the game if I just started to learn Hiragana a few weeks ago.
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