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Corpse-Party 3D (working title); An updated take on the classic that started it all!
Topic Started: December 5, 2017, 6:06 pm (396 Views)
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Not afraid, just weirded out.
Corpse-Party 3D
(working title)

Hello all! My name is Logan Holt, going by Zwataketa on the internet, and I am working on something special! I plan to use Smile Game Builder to revive the classic Corpse-Party game that started the series in 3D!

This is not going to be a simple "game in 3D and nothing else is changed" case, I plan to use this opportunity to polish up the original game a bit and use the engine to bring this game to it's full potential. Here's a list of the things I have planned.
-Custom assets (I realize that a Corpse Party asset pack is available for SGB, and I will use that as placeholder, but I am aiming for assets more closely resembling the PC-98 character designs)
-A remastered soundtrack composed by 8BitHorror
-Voice acting for character dialogs (as of right now, I'm not 100% sure I'll be able to do this but I will try)
-A brand new side story for the Vengeful Spirit post-soul split
-New ending ranks
-Add polish to unpolished parts of the original

Here is a playlist of videos pertaining to my progress on the game so far: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dh5KPwLvjQU&list=PLnBO364c9WkgIG0jdvKP1peSIRrUIIfvO&index=3
Here is a sample of the remastered soundtrack, created by 8BitHorror: https://soundcloud.com/user-105454498/corpse-party-3d-track-01hallowed-halls
And here is a link to a Discord server with a channel dedicated to discussing the game's development: https://discord.gg/NfsNECW
If you would like to provide insight to improve the game's development, or you just want to talk, consider stopping by. ^^

I will be updating this post with new details as they come along, so stay tuned.

Questions I'm answering before they are asked:
Q: Those don't look like the CP characters at all! Why?
A: The trial version of Smile Game Builder limits the number of assets you can add to a game to 3. I will be getting the full version for Christmas to get rid of this issue.

Q: Those loading zones look terrible! Why would you put them in?!
A: I agree, the loading zones do look unnatural in their current state. They only exist so I can continue to work on the game with the limited mapsizes of the trial version of SGB. Once I get the full version, I will be removing them in favor of forming a seamless experience.

Q: Is this just the game in 3D with nothing else changed?
A: I will be doing more than just recreating the game in 3D. You can see a list of my plans up there, and I do intend to act on every single one of them. If I have an idea that I am unsure if I will be able to produce, I will say so.

Q: Visuals aside, why is fighting the Vengeful Spirit so different than in Rebuilt?
A: Smile Game Builder handles stats drastically different than RPG Maker, so I have to make adjustments to the stats of the characters and boss in order to balance the battle. I also have yet to figure out how to make stat buffs and debuffs stackable, which I will try to remedy. In the situation that it is impossible to stack buffs and debuffs, then I will rebalance the battle accordingly.

Q: How many games have you made before?
A: None. This is my first. But I understand the engine and original game enough that I feel confident in my ability to make this game the best it can possibly be.

Q: Many fangames go through development hell and never get finished. What's different about yours?
A: Life happens, and I am aware of that. But there are people who will back me up when I say that when I start something big, I see it through to the end, one way or another. I will make sure I deliver on what I have promised, and that the product of my work and the work of the people who are contributing to this escapade see the light of day, or I will do a Pinkie Pie Promise with scissors instead of a cupcake. actually I won't do that but either way I do intend to finish this game Also 8Bit will be pissed AF is she spends all this time working on music and the game is never finished.
Edited by Zwataketa, January 1, 2018, 10:25 pm.
I'm remaking the first Corpse-Party game in 3D! ^v^ http://w11.zetaboards.com/corpseparty/topic/30417676/1/?x=0#post10044981
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The idea, the stage the game is now, everything seems very promising!
I really hope you will finish it. If there will be any demo builds to play, please, let me know!

I know the struggle of working on a game. In my case I'm working alone on Corpse Party Infinitive. And that way too long already, It is indeed, what you say, stuck in the infinitive development hell. I hope to get out someday and finish it!\\

Best of luck for your game :)
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intense neiko lover
i really like the idea of this!
neiko is love, neiko is life

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Not afraid, just weirded out.
Just a quick note, I've taken to streaming progress on the game every 2 Wednesdays, so feel free to drop by my channel during those times and chat with me, as well as see how the game is coming along.

As for the progress so far, I have finished the structure for all of the maps except the escape sequence and the realworld classrooms. Once I finish that I'll be able to start properly programming the game (aka, the fun stuff). So it's coming along nicely. ^v^
Edited by Zwataketa, February 21, 2018, 4:25 pm.
I'm remaking the first Corpse-Party game in 3D! ^v^ http://w11.zetaboards.com/corpseparty/topic/30417676/1/?x=0#post10044981
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Not afraid, just weirded out.
I have implemented the teleportation hallway puzzle and the Sachiko Science Lab event in full force now. Progress is looking good. ^^

Upcoming priorities are to rebuild the long board puzzle in Classroom 1-2 in the main build, and some other events on Satoshi's side. (bathroom, principal's office)
Edited by Zwataketa, April 4, 2018, 3:13 pm.
I'm remaking the first Corpse-Party game in 3D! ^v^ http://w11.zetaboards.com/corpseparty/topic/30417676/1/?x=0#post10044981
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this sounds very promising. hope you keep updating us :)
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