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How would you rate CORPSE-PARTY?
10 Stars 9 (25.7%)
9 Stars 9 (25.7%)
8 Stars 12 (34.3%)
7 Stars 4 (11.4%)
6 Stars 1 (2.9%)
5 Stars 0 (0%)
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Total Votes: 35
How would you rate CORPSE-PARTY [PC-98]?
Topic Started: May 4, 2012, 9:45 am (1,193 Views)
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I was wondering how would you guys personally rate CORPSE-PARTY for the PC-98. I will also count CORPSE PARTY -Rebuilt- for the RPG Tkool XP as part of this ratings since it's still technically the same game, except with a facelift. Give it a rating from 1 to 10 Stars, with 10 Stars being the best and 1 Star being the worst.
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If its the one you guys did then I'd give it a 9. The work you did is as close to perfection as you can get in a translation, if it was up to that it would be a 10. The game itself isn't perfection, its also not "just good" so I'd give it a 9. Originality comes at a price, and in this it was the dated look. Its hard for me to remain objective because I love it so, but if I were to improve it at all it would be the update done for BloodCovered. Everything about it was top notch, and you could tell. I hope this is understandable to someone other than me. So, I give it a 9, and its all close to a 10 as you can get using RPG Maker.
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Faraway Black Jewel
Sometimes, when Originality, fun and story goes up the roof...Graphics is just secondary...

I love it :D

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That's disgusting. I LOVE IT!

Naturally, I like the old PC98 game quite a bit. It has certain charms and, of course, differences from Repeated Fear that Repeated Fear didn't replicate. Repeated Fear is more like a full, in depth horror story while PC98, while more in-depth than a lot of horror games of its time/genre, kind of retains the more classic and easy-to-replay feel of games like Sweet Home and Clock Tower.

I rated it a 9/10. I had a TON of fun with PC98 Corpse Party, a certain type of fun I hadn't experienced since Clock Tower -First Fear-.
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The horror.
I voted a 10 because I think it's a great job you guys did on it. In my opinion a 10 doesn't have to be a completely perfect game, but a game that keeps you wanting to play again.

Also, Kira, is your avatar from "Plumbers Don't Wear Ties"
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I would rate this 8 stars, the game itself is really IMPRESSIVE for the time!
Sure, the original PC-98 version had very derpy faces, but the sprites, animation, and tilesets are freaking amazing by RPG Maker 98 Dante standards. And this game doesn't have a Game Over. That's what Corpse Party should have instead of Wrong Ends, well it's my opinion... so please don't criticize me... ;) The only CON I have for this game is that it kinda feels... blank. Like the story feels a bit forgettable and the characters feel a bit... not described.

Anyways, the game is overall pretty amazing for the time being!
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Shiro Hamasaki
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Majitsu Shinozaki, The Personification of the Book of Shadows
98 stands as a game that actually didn't get old with age. 98 still is a relic of times when your PC's were open and you had floppy discs.

Yeah...Those were the old days.

And of course 98 is still one of the best games I've played is it Graphically out of touch it has dust all over it.

Yeah sure It has more pixels than Minecraft tbh.

However, it's still a fun game and if it were ever to get another Rebuilt version with today's tools I can imagine the game being even better.

So on the note, if you never played Rebuilt or the OG 98 but have played the rest (Not including 96) a ton of times you will find this game's story and gameplay very refreshing it's different but at the same time you are looking at the roots of the games we play today.

Many things carried over in some aspect or another though only began showing their face in later entries of the reboot saga Book of Shadows and Blood Drive come to mind with some elements.

Author of Corpse Party:Nightmare Incarnate.
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I rate it 8 stars

The story is amazing, the characters are very well-written and the soundtrack is great,

But the PC-98 character faces are kinda bad
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Crimson Squad Leader
Rated 7. It is after all a good game, being in another story, and I like that.
However I am still disgusted by character portraits, despite being that old.
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I rated it a 6-not because it's a bad game, but it's a good game that aged very poorly. The story is very bare, it's easy to get lost and not know what to do. It had a rough graphical feel and the cast was very anemic and not very developed. Some of the endings came out of left field with either little or no explanation. The Sachiko battle also comes out of nowhere.


The level design, mature themes, general writing, music and character design are largely good. It's a prototype, but a very excellent one. It's clear the designer put in a lot of love and it certainly deserves its fame and a look back, in spite of the way it's aged.

Anyone can create a story, with effort and a compelling game, no matter that the tools are simple or limited.

And I think that is why people keep coming to this-and to Undertale and games like it.
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