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I know this is an annoying topic for some of you.

I know it has been discussed before in the wiki and it comes up again and again.

But as you has probably seen in in other threads, we have reason to believe that Backflip has changed the breeding algorithm in the not so far away past (Maybe around the 1.5.0 update at the end of January).

So I think its a good idea to make up a thread which handles solely with the time theory.

Let me sum up what was discussed in the "New look to the breeding process" - Thread.

It's a fact that the device time is transferred to the server when the game client makes a breeding request. Regardless if your device is set to 12hr or 24hr time format, the time is transferred in the 12hr time format like this: "datetime":"March 16 at 07:48 AM". This is only a format conversion. The value of your device time is neither checked nor time-zone-converted.

Fletch and I did some testing. This are the summed up results:

600 tries within the 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM time window:
30 Sun
0 Moon

500 tries within the 7:00 PM - 7:00 AM time window:
25 Moon
0 Sun

Testing has begun at March 9th.

So you see we didn't bring up the issue reckless. We have a well supported theory that the device time does matter for Sun or Moon result and that the time window for Sun is 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM and that the time window for Moon is 7:00 PM - 7:00 AM.

Of course we are open minded. So if anyone has experienced breeding results that conflict with this theory please post them here. But please state at least approximately when you experienced this result (1 week ago / 1 month ago) and be sure that your device time was set correctly at this time.

Let me add one thing:

The testing was distributed over 16 test runs with 50-100 tries with 1-6 Sun/Moon results. The test runs never crossed our assumed time windows. In none of the test runs we had Sun AND Moon results. It was either Sun OR Moon. We did different pairings at the same time window and same pairings at different times. So if we can't defy the time theory, then there must be another explanation for these results.

Tatzel edit: Discussion is still ongoing, please see the most recent pages.
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