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Tiny Castle
Topic Started: Jan 29 2013, 02:28 PM (6,048 Views)

Here are my final findings on the breed times of creatures.

1.Garden Nymph – Garden – 15 seconds
2.Centaur – Forest – 1 min 50 seconds
3.Griffin – Sky – 15 minutes
4.Phoenix – Volcano – 1hr
5.Cyno – Desert – 6hrs 15mins
6.Mermaid – Beach – 13hrs
7.Satyress - Mountain - 26hrs
8.Ice Golem - Polar - 39hrs


1.Treant – Forest/Garden – 2hrs 45mins
2.Wisp – Garden/Forest – 5hrs 30mins
3.Fairy – Sky/Garden – 2hrs 45mins
4.Sylph – Garden/Sky – 11hrs (try wisp +wyrm; manticore + holly dryad; manticore + wisp)
5.Pegasus – Sky/Forest – 3hrs 15mins
6.Peryton – Forest/Sky – 6hrs 30mins
7.Fire Nymph – Garden/Volcano – 12hrs 30mins (try genie + treant; cockatrice + wisp)
8.Imp – Volcano/Garden – 10hrs 30mins
9.Kitsune – Forest/Volcano – 11hrs 30mins (try treant + genie; wisp + wyrm; tomten + naga; holly dryad + kirin; rakshasa + treant)
10.Kapre – Volcano/Forest – 12hrs (try cockatrice + wisp; wyrm + treant)
11.Cockatrice – Sky/Volcano – 3hrs 45mins
12.Wyrm – Volcano/Sky – 11hrs 30mins
13.Cactus Dryad – Garden/Desert – 4hrs 30mins
14.Adlet – Forest/Desert – 12hrs 15mins (try wisp + sphinx)
15.Bast – Desert/Garden – 9hrs
16.Sphinx – Sky/Desert – 6hrs 15mins
17.Manticore – Desert/Sky – 16hrs 30mins
18.Genie – Volcano/Desert – 6hrs 15mins
19.Naga – Desert/Volcano – 16hrs
20.Nereid – Garden/Beach – 20hrs (try triton + fairy; mermaid + fairy; siren + fairy; mermaid + treant)
21.Triton – Beach/Garden – 12hrs 30mins
22.Lochness – Forest/Beach – 9hrs 30mins
23.Kirin – Beach/Forest – 19hrs (try mermaid + peryton; mermaid + treant; Pegasus + lochness)
24.Owlman – Desert/Forest – 18hrs
25.Water Leaper – Volcano/Beach – 12hrs 15mins (try holly dryad + lochness; phoenix + triton; lochness + genie)
26.Rakshasa – Beach/Volcano – 19hrs 30mins (try nereid + wyrm)
27.Siren – Beach/Sky – 18hrs (try triton + fairy; lochness + firework)
28.Hippocamp – Sky/Beach – 20hrs
29.Bunyip – Desert/Beach – 13hrs 45mins (try naga + lochness; mermaid + genie)
30.Leviathan - Beach/Desert - 19hrs 30mins
31.Marozi - Volcano/Desert - 16hrs
32.Djinn - Desert/Volcano - 6hrs 15mins
33.Puck - Mountain/Garden - 25hrs
34.Banshee - Mountain/Garden - 28hrs
35.Fire Golem - Volcano/Mountain - 28hrs 40mins
36.Minotaur - Mountain/Volcano - 27hrs 18mins
37.Marid - Desert/Polar - 40hrs 57mins
38.Nanuk - Polar/Desert - 47hrs
39.Yeti - Polar/Mountain - 41hrs
40.Vily - Mountain/Polar - 48hrs
41.Alcyone - Sky/Polar - 12hrs
42.Basilisk - Polar/Desert - 47hrs
43.Chimera - Desert/Mountain - 27hrs 18mins
44.Earth Golem - Forest/Mountain - 25hrs
45.Frost Nymph - Garden/Polar - 27hrs 18mins
46.Gargoyle - Mountain/Sky - 27hrs 18mins
47.Hydra - Mountain/Beach - 27hrs 18mins
48.Jotunn - Forest/Polar - 12hrs
49.Karkadann - Mountain/Desert - 27hrs 18mins
50.Leshy - Polar/Forest 12 hrs
51.Mountain Pixie - Mountain/Forest - 25hrs
52.Pine Dryad - Polar/Forest - 12hrs
53.Roane - Polar/Beach - 40hrs 57mins
54.Salamandra - Mountain/Volcano - 27hrs 18mins
55.Selkie - Beach/Polar - 27hrs 18mins
56.Sidhe - Polar/Garden - 27hrs 18mins
57.Snow Nixie - Beach/Polar - 27hrs 18mins
58.Tengu - Sky/Mountain - 27hrs 18mins
59.Unicorn - Beach/Polar - 27hrs 18mins
60.Yuki-Onna - Sky/Polar - 22hrs 16mins 40seconds
61.Zephyr - Sky/Polar - 12hrs
62.Zmey - Volcano/Polar - 22hrs 16mins 40seconds
63.Gnome - Mountain/Garden - 28hrs

1. Holly Dryad - Garden/Volcano - 8hrs 12mins
2. Tomten - Garden/Forest - 2hrs 45mins
3. Firework Fairy - Sky/Desert - 18hrs 45mins
4. Cupid - Sky/Volcano - 3hrs 45mins
5. Loveless Bunyip - Desert/Beach - 13hrs 45mins
6. American Griffin - Volcano/Sky - 11hrs 30mins

Edited by RuffianRules, Jan 8 2014, 03:26 PM.
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Okay, now we have an official Tiny Castle Thread. : )
I updated the creatures and some of the breeding times that were still wrong.

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So, have any of you guys been able to get anything but cupids while trying for that new gryphon? Tried so hard to get one before, got it, and now I'm drowning in the stupid things.
GC = Niffarious
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Nope, I haven't been able to get the American Griffin, but I got like 4 extra Cupids!!

No Loveless Bunyip either, but I wasn't trying that hard.

Now that the increased breeding for the limiteds is over, all I'm getting are Cockatrices! I doubt I'll get an American Griffin by tomorrow, but we'll see.
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Yeah, same unfortunately. I've had bad luck with Tiny Monsters too. I always get their holiday critters, and no luck this time. :(
GC = Niffarious
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hm, well didn't get the loveless bunyyip though I spent the whole time trying, going for griffin now. probably better luck now since cupid isn't a possible result now. Still 0 cross breed of alternate elements anywhere >< sigh. making a limited so hard to get in just insane...

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WTF?! I got Cupids today. I thought they were done? Grrrr.
I'm never gonna get the American Griffin. Sigh.

By the way, now that we get a steady stream of minions, I have amassed about 8,000 units of dust! Once they open the 3rd island, I should be able to clear it almost immediately!
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pfft.... 8k dust... you'll be lucky to clear 4 spots. the spot behind the desert habitat has a cost of 2.1k dust. so yeah. heh, bet the third island costs more then that spot... and probably spots that will be 8k on their own maybe. maybe a second wishing well or a way of upgrading the well will be discovered to help with that I could see happening.

And wonder if they will actually be fully taken out.... if you got a cupid today. I know they aren't on sale anymore. though they went till midnight yesterday (25 hours before this i think) so if you started breeding it then and didn't get on until to night to pull it out, might have been last one, heh
Edited by Valheru-Wolf, Feb 20 2013, 03:13 AM.
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Well I finally hit level 20, so it looks like I get to upgrade a few things. The sad part is that it's almost moot now...aside from the new Gryphon I'm only missing the sylph and a couple water hybrids I haven't tried for. So I'll be trying to get those, and clear the very few remaining bits of stuff around the beach area. I hope they add that third island soon!
GC = Niffarious
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At Level 20 you get to buy additional banks and they can be upgraded. This is nice because that does give you XP. I am level 21, but I am pretty much stuck. I only have a couple of hybrids left to breed - Kitsune, Kapre, Leviathan. I think that's all I'm missing. I have no obstacles left to clear. So, I am just waiting patiently for island number 3. *sigh*
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well. I'm currently Losing battles vs monsters... on purpose... at the final stage of getting ruby spire... land 10 perfect hits. God, I suck at that, always slightly off, Currently Hoping for the ultra low level goblin to spawn. Just swamp it with level 5 garden nymphs, they'll lose, but it's only a 15 minute heal for them.

Got the rest of the spires though. Looking forward to third island... and hopefully they'll add the social connections part of the app. Guessing third island will also have a new element so that'll be alot more breeding, heh.

Dang it, got a wyrm instead of the griffin. so not fair! though I needed the wyrm too... still limited vs not limited >< would have preferred the limited.
Edited by Valheru-Wolf, Feb 21 2013, 12:35 PM.
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I started playing too >_<

1.Treant – Forest/Garden – 2hrs 45mins (this is the one that is questionable - is probably still 2hrs 45mins)

I can confirm that it's 2 h 45 mins.

I think it's interesting that there's lots of stuff to do. One thing that bothers me is I don't seem to be able to find any settings to turn off the sound :( The high pitched kid voices are driving me NUTS.
Edited by Sylvandyr, Feb 21 2013, 06:47 PM.
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well I got cupid and that was it for that weekend of limiteds... so annoying >< currently working on the 10 perfect hits. got 3 level 10 garden nymphs fishing an expert orge (I lose, but 2 tries to hit perfect, and 15 minutes heal, only 2.5k, so cheap heh)
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Hi Sylvandyr - welcome to the game. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for info on Treant. I edited the breeding post. OH, the sound thing, you have to click on the Market button, then in the upper right hand corner you'll see the little wrench - that's where you can turn sound off.

My problem is that I started this game when it first came out and before they did all this stuff and made changes. Sooooo, I am at level 21 and I'm completely stuck. I removed all dust and obstacles. I've banished all minions except for the ones that keep invading and I've upgaded the castle and banks to their max. Well, their max at level 21 anyway. So, all I have left is 4 creatures to breed. Kitsune, Kapre, Leviathan and the new tiger looking thing they released today. All I can do is grow food, sell creatures and re-hatch them and feed them. I'm dying for them to open up the 3rd island.
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I added the new creature - Marozi. It is 16hr breed time just like Naga, so you won't know what you have until you see the egg.
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