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Trying to find out more info about the fate of poor Tina Parri, AKA Fregolina, a teen Italian variety actress from the beginning of the 20th. Century, I found these news from 1908 about the Nobel Prize from this Spanish newspaper, La Correspondencia de Espagna:

The Medicine Nobel Prize will be shared by Drs. Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov of the Pasteur Institute in Paris and Paul Ehrlich of Frankfurt's Therapeutic Institute. In Chemistry the whole amount of the prize was won by Dr. Ernest Rutherford, professor and director of the Physic labs at Manchester University. The prize in Physics will be collected by Dr. Max Planck, professor at Berlin University. Finally, the Literature prize will not be awarded to Belgian writer Maurice Maeterlinck, as had been announced previously, but to the great English poet Algernon Charles Swinburne.

Max Planck didn't win that year, he had to wait until 1918. Maeterlinck had to wait until 1911. Swinburne, on the other hand, didn't get it that year, and by the next year it was already too late: he was dead by April. Who then won the 1908 Nobel in Literature? Why, that perennial titan, Rudolf Eucken, of course.

"El premio do Física lo obtendrá integro el doctor Max Planck, profesor de !a universidad de Berlín. Por último, en la sección de Iiteratura, el premiado no es el escritor belga Mauricio MaeterIinck, como se había dicho, sino el gran poeta inglés Algernson Charles Swinburne."
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