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yeah, i'm not saying I necessarily am all for h. murakami winning, but like didi said... plus, i can see the case being made. similar to oe, he's accused of "reeking of butter," writing like a foreigner, a westerner; he's warped the language in a way to fit his purpose, his fancy for american literature, using similar syntax, replacing idioms with their american equivalents, and being at pains to reduce the intentional vagueness built into Japanese. however, I don't want it construed that I believe what he's achieved with the language is anywhere close to oe - now, he's raped and brutalised and has transformed it in a way that defies its history. but then again, genius is lonely, and some of the biggest stars of contemporary japanese (tawada, ogawa, kawakami, matsuura (yoshimoto, r murakami, and shimada would have to be excluded)) have direct links to h. murakami's prose and themes, not oe's.

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