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I actually wouldn't be surprised if Krasznahorkai gets it pretty soon (though hopefully not this year, I'm hoping for a non-European for a change). Yes, he's still productive and still not exactly in his dotage, but they have given it to several sub-60 writers recently, and 62 is by no means too young to get it. Though hopefully he'll be writing for many years yet, obviously.

For those who think those things matter, they just announced the lineup of this year's Stockholm Literature Festival in October, and there are some Nobel discussees in the lineup: most notably Ngugi, DeLillo and Kincaid. DeLillo especially will probably get some buzz, what with his new book just out and all, but as much as I like him I find it hard to believe that they'd break the US's 23-year drought with him. He just seems too... safe.
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