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Sep 9 2016, 11:00 AM
ETA: Of course I'd be so happy if Murnane won, but that will never happen. (And it's probably for the best for his reputation's long-term longevity when seen in light of White's post-Prize disgraceful fall into obscurity).
I dunno if I'd say that it'll never happen for Murnane, given that he does have a reputation in Sweden. If it went Australian then it'd have to be him or Les Murray (with Carey and Malouf as more outside chances). As I've noted in previous years, if he were to win it the prize would be greeted by widespread bewilderment from the vast majority of Australians who have never heard of him.

I'm not sure about his worldwide reputation, but Patrick White is still well-known in Australia, if not widely read. It probably doesn't help that his novels are seen as too difficult (and too long) to appear on school curricula.
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