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Thanks for bumping this, Funhouse. I wouldn't have seen it otherwise, since it doesn't look like editing your posts marks the thread as new.

What more needs to be said. They've encouraged a thief. At this point, he's like Shia LaBeouf with his "performance art." It still bothers me that they lied about the dates of announcing the prize (which Didi exposed); those poor members telling the majority not to go through with this awful decision.

And yes, good job pointing out Moshenberg. He seems like the Republicans who are against Trump but are too spineless to go against him because of party lines. We get it! You love Dylan! Not everything he does is saint-worthy.

I'm very curious about what happens with the copyright of this speech. If plagiarism is proved, he presumably loses it, yes? Of course, it would be nice to hear something from the 18, like calling him a reprobate, but they are not going to say anything bad about Dylan.
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