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It's too soon to create a new thread for the 2017 Nobel, but here it goes, anyway.

So, lately I've been reading potential Nobel laureates: Chinese and Korean novelists and German poets, to be precise. I've also been reading Izumi Kyoka and Miguel Torga, but I'll write about those last two in a future post.

Among the German poets, I've been reading Reiner Kunze, Friederike Mayrocker and Volker Braun. The bad news is that all of them might be a tad too old to win the Nobel.

The good news is that Volker Braun is very, very good, I mean Zbigniew Herbert kind of good. Even more good news, Friederike Mayrocker is so much fun to read (it's like she's the baby produced during a threesome between Ashbery, Stevie Smith and Gertrude Stein) that, because the English translation doesn't come with facing page German versions, I had to buy her collected poems in German to see what they look like in the original.
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