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A bit early I know, but I might get this kick started (even though odds are not out).

Again I am hoping this year’s thread proves to be another successful one in terms of discovering some new authors/books.

Some preliminary views:

The 2016 (delayed) announcement indicated there was some conflict within the Academy – it may have involved choosing between Dylan and another American author (DeLillo’s name comes up most) or choosing both. The other possibility is that the conflict was on choosing Dylan or some other non-American author. This other non-American must be in the calculations this year if this scenario occurred (maybe one of those who turned to be late hot favourites).

I expected back to back female winners for 2015/2016 which proved wrong – I am thinking a female winner this year is more likely than not. Unlike my speculations for the past 2 years (for obvious reasons) I do not think it will be an American winner.

Scandinavia has had only 1 winner since 1974. Very low in view of the prize’s history and hence can be taken as well overdue.

I do not expect a repeat of 2016 (in terms of a winner that gives rise to a debate as to what the scope of the prize should be). Although there have been early very minor mentions associated with science non-fiction (which I am a huge advocate for) and an unidentifiable author/s (Bandi).

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