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Ah yes WLF have started early indeed I see. I have had a quick scan of that thread and your post on Cartarescu did cause me to reflect on his chances, you raise a fair point (his work is not easily defined and may possibly not easily fit in whatever may constitute “ideal” etc –but hey the jury shows enormous flexibility in this regard)

I have been of the firm view that Mircea Cartarescu was not there yet and that he needed to produce something else that goes above his previous works in order to be a true contender. Well having read Solenoid last summer (I will eventually post something more substantial in his thread), I think he’s got there now and he is likely to be the first Romanian language winner of the Nobel Prize.

I guess similarly with Krasznahorkai with regard to Baron Wenckheim's Return (but without the benefit of reading this – a number of translations due next year but not Swedish).

I see both winning the Nobel prize at some time. Both these authors and Olga as well may have recently produced what may be their defining masterpiece. I see all three winning at some stage. I am sticking with Olga to win this year – young she may be but she has been on the radar of the Swedish commentators from at least 2011.

I’ll come back on your other points soon.
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