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They had a fun interview last year after Dylan won: https://newrepublic.com/article/137779/bob-dylan-won-nobel-prize-literature-conversation

And I'm also thinking this year the winner will be a noncontroversial perennial writer. If I had to guess, I'd say a European male like Claudio Magris, Antonio Lobo-Antunes or Javier Marias, though I could see Adunis or Ngugi also winning. I also have an odd feeling that a Korean writer could win. There's been a push to highlight South Korean writers internationally recently, and Le Clezio is probably nominating writers from there (perhaps Oe too, who admires Hwang Sok-yong). Bandi won't win, his identity still isn't 100% confirmed and he only has one book out traceable to him (probably has a bunch of propaganda works in North Korea). Perhaps an NK defector could win, but I don't know of any I'd consider up there with the South Korean giants.

But I'm usually completely wrong about this sort of thing, so who knows.
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