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marmalade modernist
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Sep 5 2017, 08:44 PM
That would mean that Swedish translation has been finalized, so if the SA wanted the translation, they'd have it. Also, I'm still new to Krasznahorkai. Is Seiobo a relatively good starting point?
You might well like it very much, red, given the breadth, depth of your readings in Asian literatures. Perhaps and for insight in to things predicated (Sontag's famous "apocalyptic" descriptor) you could try " The Melancholy of Resistance"(I've sometimes bought that for people by way of an introduction to). My favourites so far are War & War and Animalinside, and as much as I revere the man, and I do, I really did not like Destruction and Sorrow Beneath The Heavens at all and as I said in the ..reading now thread in November.
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