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Sep 19 2017, 08:38 PM
yes agree with your points

I do think there is only one author from Australia who stands a true chance of winning when factoring in only what the Academy may be thinking and that is Murnane

although not this year

edit- Funhouse may provide a better perspective than me (esp on Flanagan), his knowledge/appreciation of Australian lit far exceeds mine.
I think Murnane has a great chance probably next year - finally his collected short 'stories' (I assume new stuff along with out of print stuff like Velvet Waters, Emerald Blue...) and then his new book to be his last (I don't believe that....) released early next year...also, he's deserving, as in he writes good sentences, one after another...so much so that I'd rather him not read anything I've ever written...or will write...
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