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It may be too early to discuss about another French winner (and there are many one can discuss) but I have been catching up on Francois Bon again, and I do think he will be a serious contender in years to come, with his themes, originality and web based (ideal ?) direction. Unfortunately no English translations as yet (the first is scheduled to be published in 2019). He is not (or very rarely) mentioned in this context, except he was (indirectly) with the sell-out/reprint of one of his previously published biographies in October last year.

The next French Nobel laureate I think will be, given the prevalence of her name over the past few years in Swedish circles, Marie Darrieussecq. An outstanding writer albeit limited reception in English. For English readers a few novels have been translated and her biography on Paula Modersohn-Becker has just been published in Australia.

Anyway probably last post pre-announcement (travels soon)
so Olga to win,
if not Can or Jamaica.

(MAO has posted some thoughts, interesting to see Mahmoud Dowlatabadi and Shahrnush Parsipur mentioned although if they were to pick an Iranian they should have chosen Simin Daneshvar years back, but now too late).
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