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Via Orthofer:

What Happened to the Nobel Prize in Literature?

Given its pedigree, the Nobel Prize doesn’t have to keep sponsors happy, which means it doesn’t necessarily face this kind of pressure. And yet it’s also shifted its identify over the last three years, embracing a kind of populism. Obscurity is no longer a virtue, and all literary forms are welcome. But that change has also come at a cost. Despite being dismayingly Eurocentric—a black African writer has not won since 1987, for instance—the Nobel was the premier way for difficult and strange writing of high quality to get a wider audience. With the Nobel edging toward the likes of Dylan and Ishiguro, this is a loss for global literature.

Of course, there's always the problem that with only ONE winner per year and no public short list, we're inevitably drawing conclusions about trends based on a very small sample. Would the "what happened to the Nobel Prize" discussion look much the same if they'd chosen an obscure writer this year and Ishiguro in 2018? Would Dylan look as weird if we'd known who he beat out? (Well, yeah.)
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