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Fame is transient, even for Nobel Prize winners.

For example, remember Jose Echegaray, who was greatly admired by George Bernard Shaw and Luigi Pirandello, who like them won the Nobel Prize in literature (in 1904, let me point out that from the whole set of great writers from the whole world living around the time, Tolstoy, Henry James, Mark Twain, etc. he was the FOURTH one to win it); according to Wikipedia, he was president of the most prestigious literary association of Spain, the Ateneo de Madrid (1888); President of the Asociación de Escritores y Artistas Españoles, member of the Spanish Language Association, the "Real Academia Española" between 1894 and 1916; Senator-For-Life (1900) and twice president of the Spanish Sciences Association, the Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales (1894–1896 y 1901–1916); he was the first President of the Spanish Chemistry and Physics Society, the 'Sociedad Española de Física y Química', the first president of the Spanish Mathematical Association, the Sociedad Matemática Española(1911), candidate for the Nobel Prize in Physics, and, in 1907, upon a request from Nobel Prize Winner Santiago Ramón y Cajal, the Spanish Sciences Academy created the Jose Echegaray Prize for lifelong outstanding contribution to the sciences, and it was awarded first... to Jose Echegaray himself. Echegaray dominated Spanish drama for a quarter century like no one else had dominated it since Calderon and Lope, he was widely translated and won other prizes lesser than the Nobel. Streets were named after him, Governments consulted with him in matters, cultural, scientific and economic.

And yet, who the heck is Jose Echegaray? Who remembers him today?
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