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When I say it's just an award, I mean I don't treat it as some canon of select authors or anything like that. I mean I expect them to make some missteps, compromise choices, etc, and not create a list written in stone of the greatest authors since 1900 (I think any list that attempts such a task is doomed from the outset). The media circus surrounding it is important for literature as a whole, but so long as the writer is good, I don't care if they're obscure or world famous.

Ishiguro is more in that latter category. I've enjoyed a few of his novels, enough so that I'm pleased with his pick. I can see why many would consider him mediocre or dislike him, but I still like his work. I'd rank him above a bunch of the frontrunners this year, anyway. Does he tarnish the Nobel's legacy? I think most people can agree, even if they hate Ishiguro, he doesn't anymore than Russell, Churchill, Fo, Buck, Lewis, Dylan, or the '74 scandal. It would be great if every winner was comparable in quality to Beckett, but as someone who follows the speculation for fun, I feel that's just setting myself up for disappointment.
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