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The first volume of Kabuki is the weakest, I think. Each volume gets better and better -- the art starts to change into more fine art and interesting collages and paintings, the story slows down A LOT (one volume is a long internal monolouge of her in the hospital, i think), and its keeps improving, diving deeper and deeper into interesting ideas. I didnt like the first volume, Reflections and Alchemy are really good, my favorites., and the one before Alchemy. Give Kabuki a shot backwards and you will like it so much more.

Polyp is real good and interesting. Moves real fast too.

20th Century Boys is good manga. Most manga has the problem of being serialized, so you will be reading volumes of cliffhangers and tons of drawn out scenes and ideas. 20th century boys avoids drawing things out and moves real fast but its a series of only cliffhangers, for the most part.

Check out, in terms of manga, Uzumaki. its a great 20 issue horror manga, real freaky story and beautiful, unsettling art. One of the best at what it does. Also: "DeathNote" is a great one to look into. Actually, I highly recommend DeathNote. Its really really good.

Transmetropolitan is a really good series too. Warren Ellis is an interesting writer and Transmet just works, especially with the art-- all the little bits crammed in everywhere to keep it so much fun, despite its serious themes. I really liked DMZ (but its cause I live in NY), and though Invisibles and Y: The Last Man were overrated I really stopped liking Invisibles halfway through the first volume. It was just annoying. I never really got into 100 Bullets, but I wouldnt recommend anything in this paragraph other than transmet to start off with. Maybe once you really want to start pushing, these are great series' to look into. Not priority by all means.

I;d say Tank Girl is a lot of fun too, and is really good to cheer you up.

A Drifting Life (manga) is really good too.
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