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Perpetually Lost
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Apr 13 2010, 04:13 PM
i've been reading this nonfiction, scott mccloud's understanding comics. it's told in panel format and has been a really great read so far. sortof establishing a base for criticism of comics. for instance, it examines different types of panel transitions that are used: action to action, scene to scene, aspect to aspect etc.. this, in particular, leads to some interesting if superfluous explorations into contrasting the popularity of different panel transition types between successful american, european, and japanese comics. methods for representing time and space and effecting our experiences of such are given separate chapters as well as more about panel borders and the space inbetween as well as some lite psychology in relation to comics (i.e. closure) and the appeal of cartoons. it's certainly given me more to consider about comics along with some vocab and concepts to do it with

Oh yeah, Understanding Comics is really terrific. So great to use excerpts of in school to explain concepts to the students (we teach Maus).
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