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here's a very neon-y page http://www.skylight.com.br/tieta/ti-400.htm

Jorge Amado is the greatest novelist in Brazil. His works convey the essence and colour of Bahia, with a profound knowledge of the Brazilian soul. Besides Tieta do Agreste, he has created a number of powerful female characters such as Gabriela and Dona Flor, the adaptations of which brought Sonia Braga her first success.
Tieta do Agreste displays his close awareness of the reality of the Bahian interior: people struggling to survive, defending or resisting prejudices while struggling to attain meagre ambitions. The book builds a vivid picture of the provincial conflicts which precede the arrival of signs of progress and its consequences.
Jorge Amado gave his full blessing to the enterprise, even appearing at the beginning of the film reading the book's first paragraph and at the end his voice returns to read the last line. He left director Diegues completely free to adapt the novel as he saw fit, saying "You didn't interfere in my book and I won't interfere in your film."
The most translated contemporary Brazilian author, the list of Jorge Amado's books adapted for the cinema, TV and theatre is long, including Tenda dos Milagres, Jubiaba, Dona Flor e seus dois maridos and Gabriela.
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