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His most recent novel "Letter-Book" is coming out in German in October. The title is "Briefsteller". The translation is by the same translator as of Maidenhair, Andreas Tretner.

Shishkin got the international literature prize of the town Leuk (Switzerland) for the German translation of Maidenhair:

Quite an interesting bunch of writers who got the award:
2011 Marie NDiaye , Michail Pawlowitsch Schischkin
2010 László Krasznahorkai, Alissa Walser
2009 Sibylle Lewitscharoff
2008 Ulrich Peltzer
2007 Lukas Bärfuss, Barbara Köhler
2006 Gerhard Falkner, Gilles Rozier
2005 Barbara Honigmann, Adam Zagajewski
2004 Marcel Beyer, Felicitas Hoppe
2003 Martin Mosebach, Daniel de Roulet
2002 Lavinia Greenlaw, Michael Hofmann
2001 Durs Grünbein, Thomas Hettche

Since he lives in Switzerland and knows German very well, the upcoming book might be a chance to go and meet him at a reading or something!! A very interesting writer for sure.
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