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ludi incipiant...

How about another poet? How about a non-European author for a change, even though we all know that Europe is still the centre of the literature world ;) How about one from those insular United States of America?

I would bet some money that we will see a Hungarian winner this decade, the number of high profile authors coming from this tiny country is so amazing: Nadas, Esterhazy, Krasznahorkai, Konrad, Bartis, Bodor etc. (Kertesz already got it)

Some of the higher profile international literature awards and their winners of the last few years:

-- Franz Kafka Prize
-- Prince of Asturias Awards
-- Neustadt International Prize for Literature
-- Man Booker International Prize

two additional awards that have a good profile in my opinion:
-- Peace Price of the German Book Trade (even though not only awarded to authors, I removed winners that do not fall into the Nobel regime)
-- Austrian State Prize for European Literature (even though this is only Europe)

Year/ Kafka/ Asturias/ Neustadt/ Booker/ Peace/ Austrian/

2012/ Hodrova/ Roth/ Mistry/ xxxxx/ Yiwu/ Modiano
2011/ Banville/ Cohen/ xxxxx/ Roth/ Sansal/ Marias
2010/ Havel/ Maalouf/ Duo Duo/ xxxxx/ Grossman/ Nizon
2009/ Handke/ Kadare/ xxxxx/ Munro/ Magris/ Enquist
2008/ Lustig/ Atwood/ Grace/ xxxxx/ xxxxx/ Kristof
2007/ Bonnefoy/ Oz/ xxxxx/ Achebe/ xxxxx/ Kennedy
2006/ Murakami/ Auster/ Alegria/ xxxxx/ xxxxx/ Semprun
2005/ Pinter/ Pinon/ xxxxx/ Kadare/ Pamuk/ Magris
2004/ Jelinek/ Magris/ Zagajewski/ xxxxx/ Esterhazy/ Barnes
2003/ Nádas/ Sontag/ xxxxx/ xxxxx/ Sontag/ Nooteboom
2002/ Klíma/ Miller/ Mutis/ xxxxx/ Achebe/ Hein
2001/ Roth/ Lessing/ xxxxx/ xxxxx/ xxxxx/ Eco
2000/ xxxxx/ Monterroso/ Malouf/ xxxxx/ Djebar/ Lobo Antunes
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